Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Qatar Marine Festival 2011: Al-Seef Cinema

Loving Qatar Marine Festival 2011 more and more! A must try for a relaxing day finale is the Al-Seef Cinema!

Although we have watched The Princess and the Frog movie, both in cinema and at home in DVD, we have never enjoyed the movie in such a fabulous way!

watching princess and the frog for the nth time in the most fab way!

Al-Seef Cinema is an open air cinema facing the sea, with the view of The Pearl. It shows popular marine themed films.

What an fantastic idea for a cinema!

Schedule for the open air cinema:
4:15PM - 5:30PM : Cartoons - perfect movie for bonding with Turknoys after work!
6PM - 7PM: Documentary - would be nice to watch marine related documentaries but usually spend this tie exploring other festival's activities
8:45PM - 22:30PM - Featured Film (as in 50 First Date movie and the like!) - perfect for a romantic night with husband. (we were wondering how to abandon the kids during this time period! - haha!)

More of our photos with the kids while relaxing!

Kylie so focus on the princess - what's new?

still chillin' during the prayer break

we surely going to miss this when festival is over!

look at this 1.5-year old man - popcorn+ big TV+bean bag+beach = man's paradise

Keep exploring!

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