Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Sea Change for Marine Festival

In today's Gulf Times newspaper, there's a news article about Qatar Marine Festival and its exciting offer of new and exciting experiences to visitors. There are no details, though. So, since I have already created such excitement in our humble Turknoy blog, I might as well give full details on Qatar Marine Festival activities. Well, at least, those things that I know of based on my "aggressive" research about the upcoming festival.

Schedule of Two Daily Events - it's easy to follow as all the events will be held every day! How awesome!

Dancing Fountains (6:30pm - 6:35pm) / (7:45pm-7:50pm)
A beautiful show of dancing fountain, music and fantastic lights! It features a sea floating fountain reacing 80m in width (WOW!)

Seals Show (6:35pm - 7:15pm) / (7:50pm-8:30pm)
A specially designed theater-style venue with a pool and stage facilities was built to host the most amazing seals show the country will ever see. Qatar's first time. Four seals will be coming from Siberia.Wonder if they have visa? hmmm... A definitely must-see!!

I'll try to source out other information. So watch out.  Again, take note of the dates: 16-26 March 2011. Actually it's 17-26 March 2011. 16 March is dedicated for VVIPs and VIPs! Which, of course, we are neither two.

Keep exploring!

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