Monday, January 31, 2011

Exploring Istanbul: The Maiden's Tower/ Kizkulesi

More of Exploring Istanbul.

I believe that the storyline of Sleeping Beauty originated from Istanbul's legend. Well, that is, if my understanding of the story is correct or accurate.

So, once upon a time, during the Byzantine empire, emperor heard a prophecy that his beloved daughter would die at the age of 18 by a snake. He decided to put her in this tower built on a rock on the Bosphorus (southern entrance) isolated from the land thus no snake could kill her.Eventually, a snake hidden in a fruit basket brought from the city bit the princess and killed her. One can't find destiny even the emperor. 

The tower is built since 5 BC.That is way too long back. And it was used as a lighthouse and watch tower during the Ottoman period.

You remember that James Bond movie played by Pierce Brosnan (aahhhh), The World is Not Enough? Yes? Who wouldn't! Well, you remember that scene where M was held captive by oil tycoon daughter, Sophie something (sorry - was focused on Bond!), and a nuclear submarine was underneath the tower? This is THE tower!

The tower is now a restaurant. We could have went there with the boat but it was too cold for the kids. One of the to do list for our next visit.

Here are lots of photo memories of our visit. Kerim had to stay inside the car with the grandparents. He was taking his royal nap. ;)

Mommy and daughter waiting for 007

well, close to Pierce Brosnan - here's Daddy's pose!

The Maiden's Tower
We wanted a picture of the two of us with the tower - bozos, the tower is right behind us.
Kylie can't take the picture - freezing cold hahaha
There you go! The Maiden Tower, The Pinay and The Turk

Mommy and Me Monday- All's Fair With Elmo

"Having one child makes you a parent; having two you are a referee. "Well, I must as well give them a fair treatment with a uniform Elmo sweaters. ;)

semi-camping at Wakra, Qatar

Going nuts during our last day in Denizli, Turkey

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Non Frequent Flyer!

What a way to start my work week. This morning, I received the news that I've been downgraded for two years in row!  As much as it sucks, I loved how they have broken the news to me – it’s too gentle, diplomatic and encouraging. Don’t you think so?
Dear Miss Calvelo,
Change of Membership Status,
As a valued Privilege Club member, we are writing to advise you of a change in your membership status. As you have not accumulated sufficient Qpoints over the last year, unfortunately, we will not be able to renew your Silver membership.
However, we are pleased to renew your membership at our Burgundy level.
As Burgundy member, you can still enjoy exclusive Privilege Club benefirs:
·         Extra baggage allowance – 10 kgs
·         Last minute rewards for a nominal fee
·         Family programme  - family members earn 50% of the Qmiles
·         Claim an award seat for anyone – friends, colleagues or family members
We hope you continue to enjoy the many rewards of Privilege Club, In order to re-qualify for Silver membership you wil l need to earn 150Qpoints during the current calendar year.
Thank you for continuing to fly with Qatar Airways and we look forward to welcoming you on board soon.
Yours sincerely,
Manager Loyalty
Qatar Airways,

In First Class, baby!
In Business Class!

In a very polite manner they managed to rub it in my face that (A) I was a complete loser for not travelling to accumulate the required Qpoints or (B) I am a disloyal stupid customer for not realizing the benefits of an exclusive Privilege Club and not using their airways for my travel requirements.
I am (A) by the way.  For the past two years, my travel is limited to going back and forth Philippines and very recently, to and fro the second home, Turkey. How I miss the years when I get to fly frequently in the year and flying first class at that. I refuse to believe that my travelling days are over!
I believe that with my family, we are yet to see a lot of amazing places in the world. Since we got back from Turkey, my mind has been preoccupied with lots of new places to visit.
So here’s sending to the universe my heart’s desire to travel this year and the succeeding years. I hope my subconscious work double time. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Doha Explorers Book Club

Barney definitely said it best and we completely agree and buy in to this song. 

Books are fun! Books are great!
Let's sit down with a book today.
Books are fun! Books are great!
Is it book time yet? Oh, I just can't wait
To read a book.
Do you know why I love to read a book?
Why I get so happy every time I take a look?
'Cause books can take me anywhere that I want to go.
Books help my imagination grow.
Books are fun! Books are great!
Let's sit down with a book today.
Books are fun! Books are great!
Is it book time yet? Oh, I just can't wait
To read a book.
Books are fun to read. I love the pictures too.
I love to snuggle up and read with somebody like you.
All my favorite stories and many more to learn.
Good things come with every page I turn.

Later part of last year, our Doha community started a reading book session under the trees. I was already on the look out for some book friends for Kylie as I noticed that she was getting too bored reading to me and the rest of the family members.  I got the idea from one of forums of our Doha Mums community of reading under the trees and gave it a personal touch and invited close friends within the Pinoy community. I then realized that it was quite a start of childhood friendship based on the love for books among the kids involved. 

Since the winter season was starting that time and here in the Gulf, winters are just fabulous weather to be outside, reading books is just a brilliant way to enjoy the outdoors with friends.

To date, we have completed five sessions and the eagerness of the kids are simply heart warming. Just today during our first session for the year after the long holiday break, despite being showered by water sprinklers in the park (no thanks to the part guards for not warning us!), we still managed to read at least a book to justify the session. We, however, managed to have a good breakfast though.

A typical explorer book club session last two hours. Being Pinoys, of course, we have to eat first among other things. And then each of the children show off their reading to all. It is a personalized reading sessions, otherwise the kids reading books will not be given the attention. I believe that the sense of pride they feel gives more motivation to read books after the sessions. After all the kids read they share of books, then its my turn to read books to them usually combined with activities such as song, dance, body movements, puzzles and other things I could find during my cramming hours before the sessions. We can also dress up for the book club depending on the holidays.  Last Halloween, kids wore their costumes during our story time under the trees.

After the sessions, we get to swap books as homework for the kids to read for the next session. It is also a way for us to read variety of books without actually buying more books.

I love the idea that there are proactive mom friends around me who can fix schedule with me and motivate the children to find time to read amidst their routine in school.

Living in Doha while raising lifetime readers can't get as simple as this.

Some photos taken during story time taken by the most proactive Dad in the book club. ;) (Thanks Allan!)

Super Easy Mini-Science Project: Soft Shelled Eggs

Scientists are inherently curious people. My curiosity is limited to peoples' lives - therefore, I believe that gossiping is a science more than an art.

That, I don't want to pass on to the children. As much as I adore my former teachers, I didn't get to practice curiosity much being educated in public school and all. By the time I entered university, I was set on my ways and my views on laboratory practices mainly includes chatting with classmates, attempting to run away and succeeding at running away from the experiments.

I know I missed a lot. Therefore, I am making amends through my educating my very own children. Or attempting to educate my children. Attempting is good enough, I think. I don't pretend I know this stuff or more so - good at it, hence the "super easy" title which serves as disclaimer for the brilliant scientists who might stumble upon this blog or series of this blog. (Gosh, what you doing reading this blog anyways, go invent something!)

So here goes my first attempt and I want to believe I did pretty good at triggering the WHYs  from Kylie , which of course I had to Google to be able to answer. (long live Google!)


What we used: 
hard boiled eggs
coke (this is for my own curiosity - you don't have to include this)

What we did:
We felt the egg shell. Noted it was hard. Here's the point I taught her about calcium carbonate which makes the egg shell hard.

We poured vinegar into cup. And then we add the egg. Kylie noted the bubbles rising from the egg at this point.

I didn't notice - but noticed the bubbles rising when I poured the coke into cup. I took a sip while Kylie was looking at the vinegar and egg.

We left the eggs overnight.

The morning after, we took out the eggs from the cups.

The egg in the vinegar turned too soft. The vinegar contains acetic acid. When the calcium carbonate combined with the acetic acid, the reaction takes place and carbon dioxide is released (Remember those bubbles Kylie? That was carbon dioxide!) And the reaction keeps happening until all of the carbon in the egg is used up. All the carbon floated out of the eff in those little bubbles when we take the egg out of the vinegar.

The egg in the coke turned black. Lesson: Do not drink coke, your bones will turn black. She bought it - come on! It was 5AM!

NEXT: KNOTTED BONES. We'll use the same principle - I just need to look for a long bone, volunteers anyone?

Dining Out in Doha: Authentic Ottoman Food

TGIF! It's turning out to be a dining out Friday blog but my original intention is to force myself together with my family to try something new every Friday instead of bumming around at home. Friday is off for almost everyone here in Doha. It's like Sunday in the other part of the world.

Hoops, but I think this could count as a non-dining First Time for our dearest Kerim: 30-second-monkey-bar! I suppose this qualifies him as a toddler at 17th month. We went to burn some calories at the park before pigging out.

he stayed hanging like this for 30 seconds or so..

Kylie joined him! Oh so cute

I'll think of a more creative first-time things to do in Doha on a Friday in the next entries. This Friday, similar to last (SUSHI) , is focused on food and dining out.  Off we went to Katara, Doha's Cultural Village to try out the one and only (according to my husband) authentic Turkish restaurant - based from Ottoman dishes.

one of the prominent restaurant in the Cultural Village

The ambiance feels like Ottoman empire-y! Long Live Sultan!

A little bit of everything - mezze, pide, kofta, pie, liver, YUMM

I find the restaurant posh, value for money is high and service superb! It really did taste like Turkish dishes. I enjoyed exposing Ayish and Raynard to the new tastes and the idea of not eating rice, they still find it unacceptable but it was worth the try. Of course, Kylie and Kerim devoured the meal like any other.

Tita Ayish and Kylie
My main dish

Dessert - yummmmm

Cihangir is on second shift at work and second to normal, he's not with us. (I should stop noting this in blogs as it is pretty obvious but we'll try our best to work out our first time Friday event with him.)

Have you done (eat, drink, tried) something for the first time lately?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo Story Friday: WELKOME BACK AYISH!

That brief moment of peace, kids waking up at the right side of the bed is a good indication of a great day.

no fights, no screaming just plain good morning!

We picked up their Tita (Aunt) today from the airport. She came back from her annual vacation in the Philippines. The kids obviously missed her a lot.

Kerim ready for his rose for her Aunt Ayish!
Kylie ate the sandwich - got tired of waiting

Unclue Raynard brought flowers for his little sister!

and there she is!
Running to Ayish with a LOUD shriek! Priceless!

Thats WELKOME with a K - Kerim and Kylie style!

Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

ABC Wednesday: B for Book, Basket Ball and Bike!

BRAVO! BRAVO! Better late than never. ABC Wednesday is for B.

A lot of milestones for my kids so allow me to BRAG alright.

Kylie can read, comprehend and apply the lessons (that i can only i hope!) of Dr. Seuss latest BOOK - "Oh the Place You'll Go!"

Today is your day.

You're off to Great Places!

You're off and away!

Kylie loves this book!

 You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself

Any direction you choose.

You're on your own, And you know what you know.

And you are the guy who'll decide where to go.

 Kylie is really improving on her reading skills. A good role model for little brother Kerim, who by the way, learned his BASKETBALL too this week! YIIPPEE!


 And other BIG milestone this week - Kylie can BIKE - A BIG girl's BIKE (no training wheels!).

big girl biking in Doha Sunset

(sorry for the blatant disregard for safety - no helmet and no knee pads - bad Mommy, bad!)


Oh kids you are both learning a lot too fast! Here goes again - BRAVO BRAVO (***Mommy applauds***)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You May Kiss, Live Happily Ever After. And More Fairy Tale Fallacies

 Shrek and Fiona may have changed how we looked at prince charming and encouraged women power, but there will always be that “happily ever after. “
The newest Disney Princess, Rapunzel in Tangled maybe not our typical princess waiting to be rescued by a perfect prince but there will always be the “Wedding” 
Kylie, 25 months a little too much Disney Princesses alright!
Being subjected to the commercial fad of these princesses and princes, Kylie at age two, she already wanted to meet her prince and get married. Whenever she sees a couple, she always tactlessly asks, “Did you already kiss?” or “Did you get married?” – Or “Are you getting married?!
It’s cute alright but I am really annoyed at the thought that she thinks that her life’s adventure ends happily ever after... After she get married!
 Here’s to Disney Princesses – BOOHOO. I understand completely Why Mia is no fan of Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty etc. Damn right, why can’t Cinderella can’t get a degree and moved out of the stepmother’s house and for crying out loud, start a career? And why can’t Snow White find his way back to the castle from the forest with the help of her new found friend dwarfs? If she was the prettiest woman alive, she could definitely charm those dwarfs to do what she wishes. Get out of that slump, woman! You deserve better than a poison apple. Fight back! Evil only wins when good people don’t do anything.
Don’t get me started on Ariel who happens to be my daughter’s favorite at the moment. She was quite the adventurer which I really (really!) like. “I want to be part of your world!” is a dream big song based from my interpretation. Aspiring to be part of something bigger and more beautiful than you is a trait I definitely want my daughter to possess. TThe only part which pains me is that the catalyst has to be a, you guess it, a prince!  Too shallow for me: “Me Ariel. Me Woman. Me Want Legs. Of Course, Me Want Man with Legs.” Pardon the thoughts racing from my mind.
Moving on to Sleeping Beauty – come on!! She got locked up, slept for years and the minute she woke up – she got married! They should learn from Belle and live her own life for a while. Kudos to Belle when she turned down Gaston for marriage. I loved how she craved for adventure coming from a small town village and wanting to see more of what’s out there in the world. The first adventure she found was worth the while of turning down a marriage. She met new weird friends which happened to be royalties and turned them back to normal, lifting the fairy spell. Beast returns back to being a Prince and whooaaa, Belle married him; they kissed and lived happily ever after. A little too soon as well, for me. The Beast turned into a Monster, he needs to prove himself over and over... and over again before marriage.
I can’t remember whether Mulan kissed Shang in the first movie but at least they had to wait for the second movie to get married. The way it should be – a woman should find her complete self first before committing to marriage. And who ever said that a woman has to lose her identity for a prince charming. Mulan certainly didn’t simply because she spent her life finding her true self and helping her family instead of assuming the position of the princess waiting to be rescued.
 Time and again, the women have fought their rights and proved that they are as capable (if not more!) as men. So why these princesses’ stories can’t be revised to fit these changing situations.
Let me give it a shot.
Once upon a time there was a so-so looking little girl named Cinderella. Her mother died when we was a young girl. Her father was having financial problems and was very lonely being a single parent. He found a lovely woman to marry. Cinderella’s stepmother loved Cinderella instantly. Her two stepsisters felt the same way; they got along pretty well at their small house, living a simple life. The father died due to accident. It caused so much pain for everyone but everyone needs to move one. Cinderella wanted to move out of the house but she felt guilty leaving her stepfamily behind. The family thought of hooking up with the prince for his money, fame and status. Cinderella’s prettier stepsister married the Prince. Prince’s brother met Cinderella and wanted to marry her as well. Cinderella didn’t want marriage and left the village for better opportunity. She studied the ins and outs of stock exchange and got established. She ended up wealthier than the prince’s family. She came back home and she considered dating the Prince, King’s (formerly the prince who already assumed the throne) brother
The Prince and Cinderella have been dating for seven years now. Cinderella acquired a lot of properties and enjoys her annual travel around the world. She is also currently the Ambassador of UC (United Castles) and does charity work during her travel.
Everybody is happily waiting for their new adventure to come. The End.
 So, what you think of the story? I may have mentioned the word, financial twice or more which maybe against the fairy tale practice but then I tried to change a lot of misconception too. Step mothers and step sisters are not necessarily bad and that they should get the prince sometimes. I have also highlighted that living simple is good but not wanting to see other adventure out there is bad. We don’t need problems in life before we take initiative. And who ever said, Cinderella needs to be pretty to be heroine of the story? It’s a scam and we are buying into the false illusion of being a woman.
Not that I don’t buy in. These princesses are everywhere in my house. Kylie has almost all of the princesses’ dresses, except for Mulan and Ariel. And she receives a lot of princesses’ related gifts from friends and relatives. I have known these princesses stories not from my childhood but from movie marathons with her. I am not saying I can’t help it, I can but then she’ll look like she lived under the rock for not knowing these stories at her age now. Here’s just me hoping that this phase will pass and that her idea of what a happily ever after will not tainted with pink illusions of the Disney World.
And off we go to Disney  World next year. ;)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Introduction to Life's Politics

Obviously lacking some political skills - no one cared enough to show up ;)

One theorist, Harold Lasswell, has defined politics as "who gets what, when, and how.”It is everywhere– government, offices and our day-to-day interactions with people.
I suck at politics. I never like the idea of being forced to make someone a friend just because that particular someone can make things happen for me and my family.
I never liked personal favors. I hated interdependence. I believe in fairness. I abhor discrimination.  Cliché as it goes, “Everybody is fair in love and war.” But then I think I have interpreted it the very wrong way or I just simply hated the way it used to be (maybe still is) back home which made me swear that I will not be part of that belief.
Hailing from small village of a far out town, I was led to believe that I could never amount to anything. That I would eventually get knocked up and settle in the village like the rest of them. (Well, I did get knocked up but that will be a completely different blog!)
Graduating top of the class high school academically (like politics, I suck at extracurricular activities) from a state university, I was offered a scholarship by a so-called “foundation” of a very rich woman, Donya something (I would write her name, but I honestly can’t remember so let’s stick with Donya). Together with a classmate, we were given tremendous benefits as freshman college students.  We even lived in one of the prestigious subdivisions in the South metropolitan area. We even got a housekeeper.

Manang, as we call the housekeeper, turned out to be more “political” than we are. We were told bluntly that it’s not her job to take care of us but to report to Donya, who happens to be residing in USA. It was perfectly alright. We were bullied in the house by Manang and her son because we do not want to be “reported” to Donya. We want her to tell us good things about us. We got really scared of what she will be reporting that we almost subdued to all her requests.
Almost end of the first semester, the Donya came from US to visit. We didn’t even pick her up at the airport and we didn’t even socialize with her thinking of what Manang will think. Dumb actions, right?
I vaguely remember one time she asked me to go to shopping with her and I politely said no because I still have to do house chores for Manang. Well, it may looks pretty stupid now, but it made a lot of sense to be then.
Due to unknown reasons, Donya fired Manang! I concluded that she’s a full b%^&tch anyways and not nearly competent. The effect:  since we didn’t build a rapport with her without Manang, Donya also decided to stop our scholarships. Just like that.
Of course, there are reasons why our scholarships were stopped. Mine is my below average grade in Drawing 101 despite my above average academic performance. Apparently, getting a grade of 3.0 in class card is an immediate disqualification as dean’s list and in my case, a cause to lose my scholarship. But really thinking about it now: there were no clear scholarships guidelines set and agreed upon.
Lesson of the story? We need to build relationship with people. Not just the people surrounding us everyday, not just our immediate boss. We need to build effective relationships with people who may indirectly influence our day-to-day tasks and overall vision in life.
If I were to do it over again, I would definitely keep the communication open between us and Donya , and keep the relationship with Manang positively but the priority is to get direct feedback from Donya and act considering her satisfaction. She was the rightful boss anyways.
My story however, was a  happily ever after. I am now a chemical engineer and my classmate a doctor both graduating from the same university we started. There is no bitterness now. But then again, exciting as it became, it was never an easy road to take. I became a self supporting student and never really understand chemical engineering principles because I was mainly sleeping in classrooms (sshhh!)
This big boo boo is the first but definitely not the last. I have lots of dumb decisions arising from my lack of politicking a.k.a  relationship management. Most of the time, I am too stubborn for my own good. But deep inside, I am not really worried, that little voice guiding me to make that decision is happy anyways.
So for every body’s sake, are you building effective relationships with the right people who will be able to get things done for you?


I will write this blog for my blog followers to teach them a simple tip on how to communicate effectively.
Do what. To What. So That.
Being a parent requires great tact in delivering the message across.
Scene 1: Do What.
Mommy (to two kids): Clean up time!
No one cleaned up.
Mommy: Why you didn’t clean up, Kylie?
Kylie: You didn’t tell ME to clean up! Kerim should clean up.
That’s one wrinkle in my forehead.
Scene 2: Do What. To What
Kylie: Clean up time , Kylie!
The subject responded quite automatically.
Kylie: Why? I am not done playing yet. Why not Kerim? I am tired.
That’s two wrinkles .
Scene 3: Do what. To What. So That.
Mommy:  It’s time to clean up, Kylie, so we can go to the mall to buy you more toys.
And Kylie immediately clean up.
I obviously need a parenting coach!  

oh great tact!

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Journey into the World of The Ottomans

Today is the last day of exhibition of the "A Journey into the World of The Ottomans." 

We enjoyed the exhibition last year despite the sleepy and whiny Turknoys with us. I hope that  a lot of expats and locals here in Qatar get to experience the "journey". Three centuries of art, one exhibition which was exclusively presented by the Orientalist Museum under Qatar Museums Authority.

Of course, the exhibition is nothing close to experiencing The World of Ottomans back home in Turkey. But it's way better than nothing. Just part of me is wishing that they didn't have to charge extra QR25 for the exhibition. This is on top of the Museum entrance fee. Well, at least free admission for children under 16 years old. The Turknoys got free admission.

Taken outside the exhibition last November 2010

I have to admit, the Ottoman art, culture and lifestyle is getting to me. 

More of this SOON.

Mommy and Me Monday: Birthday Party and Rain

L-R: Marga, the birthday celebrant, Me and my kids, Kerim and Kylie
Happy 5th Birthday dear Marga!

We attended a very "exclusive" and delightful birthday party! Awesome.


We almost we didn't make it because I was too scared to drive while it was raining. It was flooding everywhere. What do we expect from a poor drainage system? Can't really blame the country, it is after all a desert and rainfalls are considered miracles! ;)

going to the party! slowly, defensively, surely..

We had to go with kids minus the Daddy. Daddy is on second shift at work. Shame! But then again, this is my Mommy and Me Monday Entry for this week. What's yours?

Krystyn at Really, Are You Serious?


I traveled thousands of miles, lived and worked far from loved ones,  found my happily ever after with a man of foreign background but  only experienced a perfect bliss in El Nido, Palawan.

Blissful El Nido Palawan - Langit na Sulit! and Trajet Tours and Travel promote tourism in the Philippines and abroad. Find great travel deals at, the leading online classified ads website in the Philippines.

Last year marked our 2nd wedding anniversary and the  getaway we had in El Nido Palawan is beyond awesome!
My Turkish husband is used to breathtaking views; I must admit Turkey is a really beautiful country. The well known four seas surrounding the country  is a popular bucket list item among travelers.: the Black Sea , Aegean Sea and the Sea or Marmara, and Mediterranean Sea. The romantic Bosphorus  Strait is to die for. I was taken aback by these views during our honeymoon.
All seemed to have been forgotten when we landed on the island of  El Nido, Palawan. My husband (and I completely agree) thinks that it is the most beautiful island we’ve ever been.
We were welcomed by the native Palawenos with the Oh Palawan song, were given a VIP treatment   a.k.a. Filipino hospitality and were treated by a wide range of activities in the island. We were in paradise for three days!  A well deserved treat for an OFW like me and a memorable and remarkable vacation for a tourist/ expat like my husband. Not to mention the quality time we spent with each other was the most romantic we had so far. The time spent away with the kids was all worth the while. Mommy and Daddy came back refreshed and recharged. SULIT vacation in every aspect!
Almost a year later, we are still singing Ohhh Palawan to each other when life gets stressful with work , kids and life issues.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mommy Moments: New Achievement

One of my favorite quotes is by Helen Hayes :" My mother drew a distinction between achievement and success. She said that achievement is the knowledge that you have studied and worked hard and done the best that is in you. Success is being praised by others. That is nice but not as important or satisfying. Always aim for achievement and forget about success." 

I have adopted the concept in some aspects of my life including parenting. Although those are the feel good moments, being praised by others is less important compared to determination and hard work.
This is my first time to join Mommy Moments I saw the link through Mommy AC - a long time online friend. I really like the concept. You may wish to tell us the new achievement of your child/ ren as well. You can go the link below.

mommy moments

Kylie's latest achievement is rewarded by her teacher as STAR OF THE WEEK. She became a more jolly and social person after our Turkey vacation, not to mention more relaxed to learn new things. We really should try to spend vacation more frequently.

Kylie's nth Star of the Week award - oh la la!

Similarly, Kerim finally warmed up to people - a lot! He stopped crying whenever we are in a crowd of people. More so, he is now an entertainer together with his other baby-friends.

Kerim and Maha during Ate Marga's 5th birthday party
Well, they are still clingy to Mommy - that I don't complain about! But my angels are sure paving their way to more of life's achievement.


Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #4

YAHOO! Another weekend follower caravan! ;) Very grateful for the opportunity to win new friends and get to know different backgrounds, personalities and points of views through blogging. After all, mixtures of thoughts and differences in family background got me into blogging for the real - an effective way to compartmentalize my thoughts. 

My thoughts over the weekend are into prayers. 

When I was same age as Kylie, this used to be my bedtime prayer:
Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God’s love commits me here. Ever this night, be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. AMEN. 
I learned the prayer in school. Although Kylie is Catholic like me, she’s really not exposed to the Catholic rituals (not yet, at least) so I am tasked to teach her how to pray, at night especially.
We started the praying routine last week. Kylie starts with  “Thank you God for everything. Please protect me at all times and then apologizes for the “bad’ things she committed for the day –which usually turns out to be a prose of what happened between her and her brother and classmates.  ;)

Bless her heart, dear God! 

How do your children pray? Do share.
Anyhow, welcome dear friends, old and new! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dining Out in Doha: Sushi

First of all, to those who became fans of our newly created Facebook page, thank you very much! We'll be updating the fan page quite frequently and hopefully be giving some freebies in the future. (so if it's not too much to ask - invite your friends as well!)


We have come to almost end of the first month of the new year and the Turknoys are almost settled back in Doha. Being an expat family has definitely its pros and cons - but we are inclined to enjoy more the pros and don't mind the cons.

Since we got back from Istanbul, this is the second time we ate out. We enjoyed scrumptious brunch buffet  at a Japanese restaurant, Sushiminto.Talk about getting fat-ter for Mommy! Well, the kids enjoyed the variety of foods they have tried in the restaurant  and definitely enjoyed the sushi and sashimi - Kylie and Tito Raynard's first attempt to eat sushi with wasabi. I want to say they loved it - but I have to agree with their reactions that the new taste takes a lot of getting used to.


Kylie's reaction after the sushi and wasabi - priceless!

A much more priceless photo (although, I can't rotate properly) - Tito Raynard's reaction after a Maki!

Kerim also took his shot at using chopsticks. Not bad for a first time user. He was really concentrating too hard to get the food into his mouth using the chopsticks. Good job, Kerim!

Kerim and his chopsticks

Mommy setting an example. They have to love sushi!

I have always love Japanese food the moment I tasted them. I suffered both during my pregnancies as I can't eat anything raw, which includes sushi (duh!) I had to settle for tempura which had to do.

Loving Sushi - Picture taken 2005

On the way to the restaurant, Kylie was excited to have another adventure and was rambling that we should go to Japan for our next adventure. Well, Cihangir would love that - he has special connection to Japan anyways (trivia alert:His  ex-girlfriend is Japanese)

The restaurant was crowded. We were even asked if we were reservation - luckily, there was an available table. The food is good, the ambiance is good but it doesn't feel Japanese resto at all. We get to know that all the chefs are Filipinos as well as most of the staff. Explains the Pinoy leche flan and fruit salad.

Value for money is so-so though. We spent around 120USD. Uugghh. Will we try it again - maybe not. Bento box  will give more value to our money. But who knows, probably when I get am about to get pregnant again so I am all set not to have sushi for a year or so.

Family Picture before Daddy goes to work! ;) 


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