Sunday, March 20, 2011

Exploring Doha: Qatar University Engineering Exhibition

Uggh, the Chemical Engineer in me is dead. May it rest in peace. The Qatar University Engineering Exhibition jolted the remaining engineer side of me. Not too successful, I might say.

However, i am so impressed with the resources of the students at Qatar University. I wonder when our Thomasians will be given enough resources to make their engineering designs materialize like this one.The things the students can do given adequate resources and support.

my industrial engineer sister! a practicing engineer!

okay, uuhmm, this is a bridge! haha! And yeah, engineers like me build this - haha

a mechanical engineering students thesis

the turknoys are validating the design! ;)

wow - a race car material, mommy! - kerim!

how it works! excellent!

the chemical engineering students thesis; explain to me mommy - Kylie (oh uh!)

The exhibition will be until 23rd March 2011. Here goes the newspaper article:

The displays are led by a one-of-its-kind racecar built by the University's Mechanical Engineering students. The car is the centerpiece of the exhibit which will be inaugurated on Thursday 17 March and will be on display until Wednesday 23 March 2011.

This exhibit is one of many initiatives planned by the University to demonstrate the importance of various specialized engineering studies to the State of Qatar's growing economy and to showcase the talent of students currently at the university.

City Center Director, Mr. Amer Sandawi commended the University's aim of sharing the benefits and result of modern Engineering studies with everyone and said it was one of the most interesting ways to encourage the youth to pursue future education in specialized fields which are of such great importance to a country that is building one of the most advanced knowledge-based economies in the region.

Among the other exhibits in the College of Engineering display area will be a frame robot built by students from the Computer Science and Engineering department, detailed architectural scale models produced by the Architecture and Urban Planning department, bridge designing techniques showcased by the Civil Engineering department and a solar tracker system being demonstrated by the Electrical Engineering department

Visit City Centre for to check out the engineering students works! 

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