Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Exploring Doha: First Carpet Show!

Well, it was... uh, uhmm,, carpet-y! Lots of carpet here and there. Sorry, let me be more accurate. Lots of very very very expensive carpet here and there. Most of the carpets in the exhibition are Made in Iran, 100% silk, or mix with wool/ silk. Prices are ranging from 5000QR to 45, 000QR! That's roughly 1500USD to 10 000USD! Good heavens!

I was about to buy a carpet painting of a horse for 9000QR (with frame) when I realized two important things.
  1. A real horse would be cheaper. Raynard pointed that out, and not too gently.
  2. To be able to afford that freaking horse carpet, I have to sell the two kids with me today. Not a good deal. Would have agreed with the two horses, two kids but that was the last piece!

carpet everywhere!

No flying carpet though, Aladdin didn't show up for the exhibition!
Oh well, off we go!!

Carpets aside, these are the two lessons for the exhibitions for the Turknoys - first is the traditional Persian costumes and the second one is how to clean the carpets! Short and sweet outside classroom for them. ;)

Kylie with the the super friendly and lovely women from Iran

And how to clean the carpet... well, if you can afford this carpet, you can afford the equipment.

Keep exploring!


  1. Hi mare! i love the photos! BTW, grabbed your badge and adde it in my new blog ha! Hope you can visit me here

  2. Very nice! I wanted to stop by and thank you for participating in the Get Wired blog hop! I am following your blog. Happy Wednesday!



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