Friday, March 18, 2011

Exploring Doha: Qatar Marine Festival 2011

It's time! It's time! It's time for the Qatar Marine Festival 2011.

Yes, we went there the first day it was open to public, which was yesterday and we highly recommend to go there to everyone! Well, if you are in Qatar, that is. If you are from USA, Turkey or Philippines and you have been wanting to visit us for quite some time, come us well! ;)

It's not enough to go there for just one way. We need to come back and come back, and come back until 26th March.

The activities are just fabulous, even more fabulous because it's all free! The kids activities, the photo booths (yay, free framed photos!), the shows! We only had to pay for food, which are bit pricey so if you are planning to go, bring food or eat full. The food stalls are just for the hungry or starved. There are plenty of areas to sit down and enjoy activities, eating should be done outside the festival. Just to give you a picture, shawarma is 10QR and cola is 5 QR! Good thing we were given a free Sprite from one of the booths. That's the only flaw we have noticed so far. Otherwise, it is a perfect place to hang out every afternoon. Door opens 4PM until 11PM!

 Sharing some information from the Festival Guide:
Information about Qatar Marine Festival (QMF): Qatar Marine Festival is Qatar Marine Festival Organising Committe's annual signature event that showcases Qatari traditions and maritie heritage in an innovative, spectacular and unique cultural celebrations. By engaging guests in various cultural, social, educational, entertainment and sports events, the Festival seeks to educate residents and visitors on Qatar's rich maritime heritage.

Of course, sharing some photos from the first day. Enjoy and hope to hear feedback on your visit to the Festival.

Turknoy 1 with butterfly (i know should be something marine related but she insisted! haha!)
Turknoy 2 with Nemo's friend
just after we turn for parking! we had to pass the VIP entrance - bitter! haha
with Bahoor the Mascot - seahorse from Qatar
The Marine Library alone will take a day to explore!
There's a seal show - will be uploading video
the children's show which runs continuously
there are plenty of things to do really!!
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There will be more as we keep on exploring!

Keep exploring!

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