This blog is about a lot of differences in life within one family, yet the ability to embrace them, build respect and be surrounded by love.

Everyday is a celebration of our family life. Most of the time, we make a big deal of celebrating tiny details of our mediocre, albeit interesting (for us!) adventures! And that fact is so obvious in our blog, here us hoping we don't bore a lot of people.

Caroline is a proud 100% Pinay, a strategic-yet-laid-back-mother-of-two adorablacious kids, loving-wife-of-one-Turkish-gentleman and full-time-dedicated-employee-at-work-of-many . I aspire to be a good cook someday. There is always hope.
I worship God in my own little ways - a non-practicing Catholic.
Good, better, best days, I always project a bad hair day. I choose reading a book over combing my hair at any minute.
I write to express my zillion of thoughts on expat living, OFW -tripping, mixed-race, mixed-religion, mixed-personality parenting and blended homeschooling. I took initiatives for my kids such as cooking, book club, explorations, travels. Hope my ramblings and my big picture mindset may be worth somebody's while.

Cihangir is a proud 100% Turkish. He loves to cook. LOVE. COOK. EAT. Those are his passion in that order. In the near future, we will launch a Turkish Restaurant - through his vision, commitment and action.

A model family man, he spends a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and in the living room running after the kids.

His favorite past time is watching the news and reading newspaper or following CNN in Tweeter and Facebook. He's beginning to learn how to multitask.


Kylie could survive with chicken and rice only. Not bad for a would-be mermaid when she turned 5 this year.

 Kerim   loves to eat and speak in public. He's just 1 and 1/2; yet he has the courage to say "NO" to everyone.

Turknoys are being brought up in Pinay/ Turkish unique parenting method.Oh what fun!

Love. Explore.Cook.Eat. Live Happy.


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