Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mommy Me Time!

WOW - love this one: Mommy Me Time! I think I forgot the feeling of being alone- alone. I am so grateful for my work as they remind me of my name. At home, it's always, "MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! ;) It is not a complain at all, I love the fact that their world revolve around Mommy! But it's good to be reminded that we need a quality time alone with to get in touch with ourselves.

I am lucky that my husband gives me lots of time to watch TV shows I love - CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds and Dexter (next season coming up September! - can't wait!) I make sure that I watch one of these shows for my sanity, I usually watch these shows after work when the kids are sleeping or playing beside me.

Our typical work day includes waking up early to prepare the day's lunch boxes, dropping the kids to school and nursery, eight-hour work or more, picking up the kids and the some playtime at home or some exploring time outside home., dinner and then my TV time. God, I missed those carefree days when my mom was with me!

Due to the extreme hot weather the past few days, kids got cold and it was difficult for us to go to Intercon Hotel for pool fun. Just moments ago, me and Cihangir agreed that we will alternate to go to gym at the hotel.

I find it difficult to leave the kids after office hours or probably because I am dead tired by afternoon already. But seeing me just looking so haggard all the time, and so fat (oh yeah!), means that I have to burn some energy and spend some quality time at the gym. Let's see next week if this will happen. Wish me luck.

Keep smiling!

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Messy Play: Play Dough (Liquid Version!)

Okay there's no such thing as liquid play dough. But it is messy play! Attempted to created yellow play dough for some forming fun but the kids added too much water, and again, too much water. So this is what happened:

Needless to say, it turned out to be a very fun day of exploring!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Messy Play: Play Dough!

Messy Play is a very easy way to keep the kids busy - that is, if you don't mind the mess and the cleaning up part afterwords.

I always indulge the Turknoys for some messy time every once in a while, hey, the house is a big mess as it is!

Here is a very simply recipe for some good messy play. It is like play dough but a twist - a different texture ( and colors). It could get very shiny, glossy and slippery. Awesome mess!

Here's the recipe:
500g flour (i sometimes use expired powdered milk)
240ml water
240ml cooking oil
1-2 tsp food color

Mix and squish and squash! Mommy gets some quiet time for herself!

Keep exploring!

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Turknoy: The Top Ten Magical Differences in the Turknoy Family

I've been dying to join this for quite some time but our domestic family life has been crazy busy the past few weeks. No maid, two working parents full time, 1 toddler in nursery and 1 almost-year-1 in big school plus lots of family bonding time by the pool  means crazy busy in an awesome way - hey no complaining here.

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Well, I made it a point that you know that the mum and dad of Turknoys are born for each other. It's not because we are exactly alike - come to think of it - the only similarities we have are our birthdays. Oh yeah! Not everyday in our lives is boring since we are exploring, tolerating and more importantly growing from - our differences.

1. Nationality  - Turknoy came from the word - Turkish (that's the husband!) and Pinoy which is a slang term for a Filipino, a native of Philippines (hey, that's me!) Differences in nationality means differences in culture which is oh-so exciting to explore everyday.

that woman's weird, that man's serious!

2. Religion - He's Islam and believes in Prophet Muhammad, the Last Prophet. I am Catholic and believes in Jesus Christ the only Son of God. It is never an issue, bottom line is we have faith in God and believes that whatever we do here on Earth will be the reflection of our afterlife.

3. Financial Footprint. In the book, The Undercover Economist , it was elaborated how couple's "financial footprint" could be the cause of how an individual spends money. His financial footprint is based on relaxed earning, saving and not spending; mine is based on earning from hard work  and then spending it all.

4. Attitude towards Problem. The Turk could be the most relaxed person you will ever met in the midst of calamity. I tend to make a big deal of all things and exaggerated small problems into calamity.

5. Food - He eats bread, I eat rice - lots of it! He eats meat once a week, I do not think a meal is complete without meat.

6. Meal time - He likes home cooked meal, I do not cook. I like to eat out.

7. Sleep Habits - He looks so tired when he wakes up so early in the morning. I hate people who wake up late. I can't stay awake beyond 11PM, he LOVES to stay awake all night.

8. Attitude towards People - I tend to blame people for their shortcomings; he always give explanation for people's attitude (he says .."he may have problem at home", I say... "he really is an inconsiderate jack ass!"

9. Driving. He is an aggressive driver! I am a very very defensive driver.

10. XXX - He likes a nice behind; my asset are not hot bums!I could go on some more for number 10 but rather not! ;)

We make things work while we are so happily married. Wait until you see the kids' attitude towards life!

the Turknoy family!

Keep exploring!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Preschool Songs: Wind the Bobbin Up, Three Jelly Fish and More

These were the preschool songs that we have been singing when Kylie turned two. Ahhh the beauty of having a second child. The family would definitely not miss these songs, wouldn’t we? Kerim’s turn!

Wind the Bobbin Up
Wind the bobbin up,
Wind the bobbin up,
Pull, Pull, Clap, Clap, Clap
Point to the ceiling
Point to the floor
Point to the window
Point to the door
Put your hands on your knee
Now you clap 1,2,3
Wind the bobbin up
Wind the bobbin up
Pull, Pull, Clap, Clap, Clap

Three Jelly Fish
Three jelly fish
Three jelly fish
Three jelly fish sitting on rock
One fell off.. Ohhhh

Two jelly fish
Two jelly fish
Two jelly fish
Two jelly fish sitting on rock
One fell off… Ohhhhhh

One jelly fish
One jelly   fish
One jelly fish sitting on a rock
One fell off…. Ohhh

No jelly fish
No jelly fish
No jelly fish sitting on a rock

One jumped up!... Hooray!

One jelly fish
One jelly   fish
One jelly fish sitting on a rock
One jumped up!... Hooray!

Two jelly fish
Two jelly fish
Two jelly fish sitting on rock
One jumped up!... Hooray!

Three jelly fish
Three jelly fish
Three jelly fish sitting on rock

Head, shoulders, knees and toes
Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes
Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes
And eyes and ears and mouth and nose,
Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes

Where are the beehives?
Here are the beehives, where are the bees?
Hiding away, where no body see.
Here they come creeping out of their hive.
1..2..3..4..5.. BBBZZZZZZ!

Open shut them
Open, shut them
Open, shut them
Give a little clap.
Open, shut them

Open, shut them
Lay them in your lap

Creep them, creep them
Creep them creep them
Right up to your chin
Open up your little mouth

Buutttt do not let them in!

Love in my Tummy
Yummy yummy yummy
I’ve got love in my tummy
And I feel like loving… YOU!

More to come, stay tuned!

Keep singing!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moving On and Moving Forward

The beauty of being an expat is we get to meet a lot of people of different background. The challenging part of being an expat is we get to see a lot of people move on and move forward and we get to check our current status and question ourselves whether we are being left behind.

End of June will mark our 5th year in Doha. Me and Cihangir arrived almost the same time in Doha for the 15th Doha Asian Games known to be "The Games of our Lives. " While we celebrate our half decade residence in Doha, leaving the country seems to be the norm with some of our friends and colleagues. Sometime ago, my brother Raymond left Doha for good to Philippines. It was a bittersweet farewell as we saw him off. But things just don't work out for him here and hence, the decision to leave for good.

A few of my friends are planning an immigration to Canada, others are just so lucky to get a fabulous job offers back to their own homes. Whatever reasons, people are moving on and exploring options a lot better than to be in a country where spring season could get as high as 50-deg-C.

So the big question is what makes the Turknoys stay in Doha? Well, the answer is straightforward really. We are still moving on and moving forward as a family . We get to improve ourselves as a individuals as well as improve our careers while putting our family first above all the workloads. We feel so blessed to be in this country.

At the end of each stressful workdays, we get to go home to our smiling Turknoys and get to spend lots of family time indoors with recycled air conditioning air.

Life in Doha is simply awesome! 

Well, more awesome now that our head of the family is recognized for his hard and honest work.
Congratulations to the Turk! Hope you loved the cake. ;)


Live. Love. Celebrate!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to Fly a Kite

How to Fly a Kite? Turknoys attempted to illustrate.  Photos were taken yesterday during the International Kite Family Day at Katara Village.

Flying a kite can be a very fun activity for the family (or can be very frustrating if there's no wind at all!) It is also a very good way to get the kids out and not watching TV or playing a computer. In this time of the year, although it is quite hot already, afternoons in Doha are perfect for flying a kite.

Flying a kite can be very challenging. It requires some techniques and team work!

Get a pair of kids. Well, luckily, there are two Turknoys. Ideally, one will hold the ball of string while the other is holding the kite. Unwind the string. Signal to the partner to let go of the kite. Pull the string to launch the kite into the air. Pay attention to the wind direction.

One important point: Always fly a kite in an open field, away from lots of people. We came across lots of accidents yesterday.  Oh oh. Reason is too obvious from the photos.

Have a great time flying kites!

Keep exploring!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Exploring Doha: Katara International Kite Family Day

Well, we are back "exploring Doha!" Hooray for International Kite Family Day!

We went today to be part of the first time ever in Doha, International Kite Family Day. The event is advertised as a cross-cultural experience, where the public will enjoy the art of traditional and modern kites.

It is indeed a cross cultural experience like any other Doha events. It is a bit unorganized, though. We arrived at 4PM and there were NO MORE kites available. I overhead a staff being so worried that there will be no enough kits even for tomorrow (event runs for two days, 6-7 May 2011.) - Oh- oh!

We were fortunate however to hang out with one kite flyer from Holland. He allowed Kylie to fly kite with him and then give kids reserved kites.

Supposedly, there are activities for kids all throughout the advertised timing, 3PM- 10PM but since most of the Qatar residents are hoarding the free kites (shame!), it gave me the impression that it's not properly organized.  Well, one hour after the event kicked off, and no more kites?

Oh well!

The International Kite Family Day is two days of non-stop wind-driven flying kites, art and culture, in the air and on the ground. During the night lanterns will be lit creating a sublime effect like candle in the sky. We hope to catch this tomorrow if kids will allow us late at night.

For those interested to be part of the event tomorrow, here are more details:

Katara International Kite Family Day - [6-7 May 2011]
• Over 100 different designs of kites, including sport, traditional, and LED night kites
• A unique chance to watch and learn from kite flyers from Japan, Korea, USA, China, India, Singapore, & Holland as they put on a
magnificent display of over 100 sport, traditional, & LED night kites
• Kite-building, design, and flying workshops by kite teams,artists, and partner NGOs: «Algannas Society», «Childhood Cultural Center»,
«Qatar Fine Arts Center», «Qatar Photographic Society», «Qatar Society of Engineers» & «Visual Art Center»
• Spectacular lantern shows that will light up the evening sky
• Giveaway kites
All ages are welcome to join!
Open to public
Activities will run at Katara -- Cultural Village from 3PM - 10PM
Fly your kites in a multi-cultural environment!

Keep exploring!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today is our daughter's 5th birthday! Seems just like yesterday that I was pregnant with her. She opened up lots of opportunities for me and I am forever grateful for her. Oh boy, God works in so wonderful ways, and in my case, sending me quite an angel in Kylie form! Happy Birthday, Kylie! We love you so much!

Mommy and Kylie at day 3

I am trying to remember some pregnant tales worth blogging - but all I can think of is " I was working!"  I even worked hours before I got into labor - for both pregnancies.

I suppose, I am really blessed with easy pregnancies and demanding jobs at the same time. Thanks be to God.

In Kylie's case, I remember talking to her so nicely while I was being induced to please come out naturally, since C-section operation will cost me way too much. She listened and was out after less than one hour of pushing. In Kerim's case, well, he got so big that I had to have the operation. It felt like normal  delivery - contrary to what I was told, recovery from a C-section was a breeze! Seriously. So, we might have CS again for the third, if ever. ;)

As for today's celebration, we had a very simple one. Kylie is becoming too much a princess that we had to teach her simplicity in celebrating. When we were at the airport the other day, from Istanbul to Doha, she ranted how she hated "public transportation" because we are waiting too much. I remember when I was her age - all I could think of is to ride an airplane someday.

I have written this blog couple of years ago and reminded me the purpose of parenthood. I hope I will always be reminded:

I strongly believe that parents have really tremendous responsibilities to society to provide the best upbringing to their children. In most instances, the character is formed at home. It is a challenge to all parents to provide concrete example of integrity and honour among other values to children at a very age.

This is why I stand firm on my belief that those people who does not have good character should not be allowed to raise their own children.  It’s either they do drastic changes in their lives  as what Easy Eddie did OR society should be allowed to take away the children from them and give to people who has character but in one reason or another, do not have kids. With that, we can stop the ‘dirty’ blood in our society.  (Or would be easier to ask those bastards to line up and kill them all to completely prevent them from having children at all – there you go, vanishing humanity as well! – what am I thinking!)

Seriously, yes, I believe, it is all in the upbringing! This is why I am so scared for my baby! Even I am a work in progress (aren’t we all are?). I just hope and pray that with my properly-guided intention and my determination would be enough for me to provide her a good example of living life with honour and integrity! (Oh my, this is huge statement, man!)

So help me, God.

     Next to God, thy parents.
      - William Penn

Well, back to preggy tales galore and in my case, back to my fat fat days:
pregnancy 1 - with my Fitness First trainer (in her defense, I stopped working out after finding out I was pregnant)
pregnancy 2 - our family ready for Kerim!

Live.Love.Fail.. Succeed.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Turkish Wedding

We attended a very lovely Turkish wedding in Istanbul three days ago. It's no ordinary wedding since it's the wedding of my sister-in-law. I have mentioned this before in our summer 2011 plans.

Well, it went so well and quick for us. The visit that is. Five day-visit is like a torture for our family getting back to Doha. Oh well, later part of this year again.

Turkish wedding is almost like  a version of a Catholic wedding, minus the church and its ritual. After the wedding, there's giving of gift - specifically gold and money to be pinned on the bride gown and groom's suit. I know Pinoys have the same tradition like this as well in some parts of the country - to get the new married couple started with their new life together. This is the usual practice in Turkish wedding.

After receiving golds from family, relatives, friends and guests in the wedding, of course, food! Food served varies from cocktail to dinner to dinner with alcohol. It is a tough decision from the couple to what extent would the celebration would be. As couples getting married are becoming smart and practical, a cocktail is often the choice. And I completely agree with this. Although,  I always have this found memory of our wedding with dinner and dancing. Ooohh - I love the dancing part. It was, uuh-uhmm, something new for a Pinay like me.

Like all weddings, the most important part - is the bride and of course, the gown! Every woman's "dream dress."  My sister-in-law, Betul, is simply spectacular in her wedding gown. A very beautiful bride indeed.

the bride and groom with Kylie and Ilker
Kylie and Ilker

And the good thing is, in Turkish wedding, a little girl also wear the same gown as the bride. Same like a flower girl in a Christian church wedding. Of course, Kylie had to do her part and be a princess during this day. She's a complete charm. And of course, Kerim charmed everyone too.

Turknoys in black and white

Kerim in his black and white suit plus train toy - harhar 

This wedding will definitely be fondly remember for our family.

our family photo for the event

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