Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sibling Bonding - Turknoy Style: Wall Climbing

There's always be another mountain. I always want to make it to move. - Miley Cyrus

Aint' no mountain high enough! - Diana Ross

Kid, you will move mountain! Today is your day, so get on your way! - Dr. Seuss

All pictures during the Family Day: The Challengers.


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  4. thanks jen and ellie for dropping by our blog. hope to see you here again soon. ;)

  5. Cute photos! My husband can't wait until our little one is old enough to do that with him.

  6. Good Morning! Rock Climbing can never start too early. It is a past time that can bring enjoyment to any age! Following you back! Thanks, and I really like your Blog.;

  7. How fun! That is awesome!

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  10. Oh how fun! Love all the quotes you picked for the pictures! :)

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