Sunday, March 6, 2011

Exploring Mesaeed: Sealine Beach Resort (Family Day!)

Day after Kylie's School Fair, off we go to Sealine Beach Resort at Mesaeed and explored with all of my colleagues and friends at work (a.k.a family members) for a day out bringing along their own family members (we have a big family, alright!). 

We call this our company's Family Day. 

This is my 4th (OMG, 4th already!) Family Day. Our family evolved and grew during the past four years. It's so amazing to see how things have worked for our family here in Doha.

So far, this year is the best Family Day for us and majority of our "family members"  think so, too There were lots of activities for kids, me and husband had a difficult time catching up, much less, catching our breath, running after the kids. The food was absolutely classy (need I mention free?!) and with  the chance of winning lots of prizes for the family. (Fast forward: we didn't get any prizes, I am not lucky when it comes to raffle - story of my life, I need to work my beautiful butt off!) 

Anyhow, the theme for this year is The Challengers! Oh boy, were we challenged. It was a super-duper-awesome-day (sorry for the superlatives!) Too grateful to be part the fun, being employed at my current organization is really a blessing for all of us (yes, one satisfied employee over here!) 

Although the venue for the Family Day is almost always Sealine Beach Resort, this is the first time that the resort has been closed for a private function. We used to just squeeze in one part of the resort. The service we have experienced varied a lot from one service staff to another. But overall, the service of the resort is good compared to when before. Maybe because of the exclusive use? 

the Turknoys after arriving at Sealine Beach Resort - the day is about to be fun-filled exploring!
We also had a chance to explore the Inland Sea near the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) border and experienced a desert safari in nothing less than a Land Cruiser! Another awesome fun (and again - free!) We will be discussing about the desert safari, together with lots of activities we have enjoyed as part of Turknoy adventures. (here's me hoping not promising!) 

Keep exploring!

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