Friday, March 25, 2011

Crystal Clear White

Mommy Moments!!

I thought I’d share what I do (or at least attempt to do) for my organization as part of my job description. I advocate strategy management and continual improvement. And I must admit that it is a rewarding and challenging job!

People tend to get trapped in day-to-day activities and it is a challenge to make them appreciate the overall view of what’s going to happen if/ when they make things happen. It is also a challenge to make them accept not things are not “good enough” and there are still opportunities (lots of!) for improvement.

As parents, we are all guilty of this sometimes. We tend to get lost in attending to our children’s day-to-day needs such as putting them to sleep, making them eat healthy, attending to their home works, preparing for that birthday parties and playgroups, that we lose the reason why we are doing these things and how do we see our family several years from now.

In organizations, it is important the we set the mission, vision and brand values. I believe that it should also be the case for parenting. Mission is why we exist, vision is what we want to achieve in the next number of years and brand values are what traits are important to us. I could write on and on about this but bottom line for this post is that we, as parents, should be able to set goals for our family’s success NOW. And the important part of this, we need to be able to articulate this in a way that our stakeholders (family members) would understand.

All successful people, families or organizations plan to live life to the fullest by planning strategies and achievements. They create their own chances in life. They set goal in advance so they can take control to drive themselves towards success.

It might be difficult to define the your family’s vision for 5-10 years but it has to be done to arrive at annual goals.

Goals define target. Targets make things achievable. (I should stop with this jargon really, I am driving myself nuts!)

So for the WHITE entry this week for Mommy Moments. A visual representation of our family’s target in the next years:

we will own a Porsche! ;)

sailing - soon we will!
here's our little executive ;)

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  1. i am a firm believer in mission-vision for the family! hurrah for porsche!

    Here is my white. Please don't forget to like me at the side. Thanks very much!


  2. With you on targets make things achievable. Your little executive will look great in the porsche. Hurry! :)

  3. it's probably nice to own a Porsche, :) your son is so adorable.

  4. gwapo naman ng son mo...pwede maging sila ng baby ko?hehehe..

    here's mine

  5. as a family, it's important to set common goals and targets as it's more achievable if family work as a team. A family that dreams together, soars together! Love your entry :)

  6. setting goals is really a must because it set the path of our families future...

    btw, i love your little executive, he is a charmer!

    happy mommy moments!

    here is my ENTRY

  7. I agree that setting a common goal with the family is one great big step, but with God's grace and guidance, perseverance we all can do it and make it possible..

    Truly an uplifting entry.. Thanks for this..

    Here's mine:

    Sarah A.

  8. Very cute in white! love the porsche as well!

  9. Very nice pictures! Years from now, I just want to see my family happy, content and well cared for. It may be simple, but sometimes the simple things in life make us the happiest. Happy MM!

  10. You will own that porsche for sure...
    And your little executive is handsome ;-)
    Happy MM
    Here's my entry:

  11. wow naman ang car mommy.. nxt time nakasakay ka na dyan..hehe

    My Mommy Moments

  12. I hope you achieve your goals soon! Guwapo ng anak mo :)

  13. cge goodluck mommy!..

    happy MM!

  14. dreams will come true! cute naman tong lil executive...hehehe! thanks for dropping by my entry sis...glad to be here again.

  15. you are right.. we need to have goals in our parenting if we want to achieve something! :D very well written mommy..

    happy mommy moments!

  16. wonderful entry, mommy! i'm positive you would fulfill your goals. for me, the last goal tops the first two. hahaha! such a handsome executive he'd make.

    here are my toddlers' whites

  17. learned a lot today. I'm one of those who gets lost in the day to day blur of activities. Thanks for sharing!

    Love your little executive!

  18. thanks for dropping by mommies at Turknoy! Pretty sure I have visited all of you and loved all the white photos! this is a pure week! ;)

  19. your little executive is so cute!

    I just joined mommy moments and i’m really having fun reading mommies post!

    visit mine too and meet my little chef! hihi..

    Have a great weekend!

  20. My son in law is soooooo cute! I am dreaming of sailing too but I guess that will remain just a dream. Happy MM mare!

  21. he will be one of the handsome executive in town. i agree with you here, sabi nga: what you think is what you create...all the best and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...wishing you a great weekend!

  22. that's a very cute little boy!

  23. Believing is the key to achieving your family goals. By the way, your little executive looks good in white, poging-pogi! Thanks for the visit, Mommy!


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