Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Life is worth the gamble! 

28-33! Those were my numbers in Jueteng! A popular gambling game in the Philippines, specifically, from the town where I grew up. Well, I am a remote town-girl! I came from Indang, Cavite - a very far off town of Cavite, almost 2-3 hours from Metro Manila depending on the traffic.

Anyhow, back to Jueteng and my subconscious.  28-33. I got these numbers subconsciously. I woke up one morning with this number combination in mind and decided to "gamble" on this, PhP5 twice everyday, morning and afternoon. EVERYDAY. Until the Jueteng was banned permanently (was it ever? - at least, that I know of.) Until I left Indang and headed to University,

PhP5 is a big bet then. If I had won, I would have won Php1000 for every 25cents. So for PhP5, I could have won PhP20,000! That amount for me then was incomprehensible! Way tooooo much! But, of course, I didn't win. I lost a lot of money. My subconscious was wrong. For Jueteng at least.

Looking back now, these numbers corresponds to something more meaningful in my life. My most important milestones in my life happened during the age of 28 and 33! My age when my daughters were born and more! And these were both unplanned.

When I was 28, I was living the peak of my life! Fun night outs, great friends, great circle. And then I got pregnant, gave birth to the most adorable baby girl I have ever seen, got a great job outside the country and met the most wonderful man in my life! I had different plans but my life turned out to be much better.

Now, that I am 33 (for the last hours!), again, I had different plans, but then another baby girl came into our lives and our plans had to wait. Instead, we made drastic changes in our way of living and fingers crossed, we are hoping for the best. And I am 100% sure that it would end up way better than I had planned. My subconscious said so.

I suppose what I am trying to convince myself when I have figured out these numbers is that there are magical connections in the universe and we are here to fulfill our destiny while we live life to the fullest. In the end, what will matter most is how much we have enjoyed life, not how much we possessions or experience we have gained.

I have enjoyed life. I have enjoyed living. I have enjoyed living with what God gave me. I have enjoyed living with the great blessings I have showered with. And I intend to do just like that until my numbers ran out. "Lucky", maybe. I see this as "mean to be."

I'll be turning 34 in the next couple of hours and now waiting for my subconscious again to tell my next lucky numbers. I'll be listening and since Jueteng is only until 37, rest assured that you will be seeing me playing Bingo in the near future. Who knows what information I could uncover.

Happy birthday to me, to my husband and to my little sister who are celebrating the same birthday! Let the weeklong celebration begin!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Fireworks at Katara for Eid

We have enjoyed the fireworks at Katara last night for the first day of Eid. However, we had a great time hanging out at The Pearl and we didn't brave the traffic inside the Katara. We just watched from The Diplomatic Club area. It was so fabulous to watch fireworks with the Turknoys. They were so happy inside the car. We didn't even suffer the extreme humidity at the moment while watching the fireworks.

Three more days to go for the nightly fireworks! HURRAH!

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The Pearl Bubble Tea in Doha

They are here in Doha. Similar to Zagu. For sure, Filipinos would be lining up for this!

a small stand just in front of ELC City Centre

comes in different flavours

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eid Mubarak Doha!

Eid Mubarak!


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Friday, August 17, 2012



Let's go to Turkey together, Kabayans!  This is probably the cheapest travel to Turkey we could get - ALL AROUND TURKEY FOR LESS THAN 1000USD! That is really impossible during the peak season. Personally, as a Pinay, I enjoy Turkey more during the winter. Come and let's go all over Turkey next winter!

Please contact us for more details. 

Here is the overview of the travel itinerary. Tentative date of travel would be 4th November 2012 - 14th November 2012.

DAY 01:
On arrival on Istanbul Ataturk Airport, we will be transferred to the hotel. Overnight in Istanbul. Exploring Taksim Square is optional. 

DAY 02: 
Istanbul Historical Tour
We will all have breakfast together, then we move on to visit some of the most important historical sights of Istanbul such as the Blue Mosque, St Sophia, Hippodrome Obelisk , Basilica Cintern, Grand Bazaar. Overnight in Istanbul.

DAY 03: 
Istanbul Historical Tour
Bosphorus Cruise & Two Continents
Breakfast, then we move on to visit some of the most important historical sights of Istanbul - Topkapi Palace (Harem rooms optional extra), we drive Eminonu Port to board the regular city boat for a 2 hour Bosphorous Cruise and enjoy this relaxing cruise along the shoreline while your guide explains to you the history of sights seen while on board. and visiting Cemberlitas Hamam. Overnight in Istanbul.

DAY 04: 
Breakfast, check out and transfer to Istanbul Domestic Airport for morning flight to Nevsehir. On arrival meet with the tour coach . 
The tour begins with a descent towards the centre of the earth, with a trip to the underground city of Kaymakli, one of the largest and deepest of Cappadocia’s many such settlements. From here we drive to Ihlara canyon, walking for about 4km through the canyon via the Steps of Anatolia to Belisirma village, the ancient Peristrema. Set by the Melendiz River this is known as the “Valley of the Sky”. Churches carved from the rocks form a gallery of early paintings that are remarkable for their accuracy. We will have lunch in Belisirma at a local restaurant by the river. On the way to the Caravanserai of Sarihan, we visit the beautiful village of Selime. Sarihan is a very fine example of the Turkish Seljuk art, built in the early 13th century on the legendary Silk Road, for the accommodation of the traders and their camels. Overnight in Cappadocia.

DAY 05: 
Our first real encounter with Cappadocia’s almost Martian landscape is in the Dervent valley, where the rock formations are amazing. A walk through the Zelve Open Air Museum is a journey into the past, with its troglodyte houses. This is one of the earliest inhabited and latest abandoned monastic settlements in Cappadocia. After Zelve we visit Pasabag’s “fairy chimneys”,where the voice of the wind harmonizes with the songs of the fairies. From here we pause at Avanos, a centre of terracotta art since 2,000 BC, for a demonstration in a traditional pottery workshop. After lunch in Avanos, we visit the famous Goreme Open Air Museum to see the best examples of Byzantine art in Cappadocia. These are found in rock-cut churches with frescoes and paintings dating from as early as the 10th century. We complete the tour with a visit to the Uchisar Rock-Castle, giving you a panoramic view of the valleys of Cappadocia. Overnight in Cappadocia.

DAY 06: As we check out, we start our drive to Pamukkale. We make a visit to the Sultanhan Caravanserai, where the medieval merchants used to stay overnight, then we arrive in Konya. After visiting the world famous Mevlana Museum, formerly the place where the mystic philosophy of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi was taught, we have lunch at a local restaurant and head to Pamukkale. Overnight in Pamukkale.

DAY 07: 
We start the day visiting Hierapolis, only a stone's throw away from our hotel. After we enjoy ourselves walking on the calcareous terraces of Pamukkale, we start for Kusadasi, giving an en route visit to Aphrodisias, where there was a fertility cult dedicated to Aphrodite. After a well-earned lunch, we drive to Kusadasi, and check-in to our hotel, and have time in the late afternoon hours to see the sun set over the Kusadasi Bay. Overnight in Kusadasi.

DAY 08
Today we first drive to the Virgin Mary's House; after that we visit Ephesus which was founded in the eleventh century BC by the Ionians. Strolling through the streets of Ephesus, we will witness the perfection of the Greco-Roman Art. Later in the afternoon we will drive to Assos. Overnight in Assos.

DAY 09: 
We will visit Assos in the morning. After lunch drive to Troy National Park and visit the ruins of the ancient city. Overnight in Canakkale.

DAY 10: 
After breakfast we will have a half day Gallippoli tour than drive to back to Istanbul.

Exciting, right? Let's all explore Turkey together! CONTACT US NOW FOR MORE DETAILS. 

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Qatar Cinema: The Dark Knight Rises

The long wait in Qatar is over! It's showing this weekend at City Center. What a waiting period: July 20 to August 16! We started watching the movie yesterday over the internet, it was horrid! The copy and quality of movie in the internet, I mean.

But it will be showing tomorrow - big YAY! Thanks goodness, saw one of the tweets of a Pinoy journalist in Doha!

Can't wait!


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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to Teach Kids to Act (Step 1)

On the lighter side of life with toddler, this video makes me teary eyed. My little boy in not so little anymore. Time to teach him to act so we can send him to Philippines.

Presenting... our Turknoy #2:

What do you think?

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Be Yourself...Always!

A recent post in my Facebook account got a lot of reactions from people around me, my boss, my colleagues, my friends and my family. And it all seemed synchronized reactions like I was referring to them. It was really funny and scary: all people around me thinks the same thing about my status? Insane!

Anyway, I decided that I, or my family, can't really please everybody so we might as well be ourselves and be happy with the people who really matters. Besides, all those people who knows us will surely understand where we are always coming from!

This is not a rant, just an opportunity to share the following quotes I found so true everywhere!

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Reading is Really Fun! Turknoy Style!

Turknoys just love reading! These two videos below show the fun we always have every time we read a book and attempt to analyze the story and video the book summary for our blog.

We had a good laugh (lots!) tonight viewing these videos and reading bedtime stories. We are share the laughs, we share the book titles - we hope you are reading lots same as us!

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Qatar Cinema: Tinker Bell and The Great Fairy Rescue

Summer break and the kids are yet to watch a movie in a cinema. The only kid-friendly movie in Qatar Cinema is The Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue


Since the kids love Tinker Bell, we were about to get on the car and run to the closest cinema but luckily, we didn't. It was already uploaded in the web and this is where we watched it:


Great movie video quality. So clear; might be clearer than in Qatar Cinemas. Might be, ha! And we were able to watch it at the comfort of our bed together :

enjoying the movie at home - and it's showing in Qatar Cinema

And this is what our dear princess has to say about the movie.

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Another Haircut in Doha for Turknoy Kid!

Another haircut for kids in Doha! Previously, we shaved our little boy's head and now our little princess wanted to cut her hair short much to our refusal. She reiterated that it's her hair and she can do anything with it. She was right, it was her hair. And she loved her decision - it turned out great haircut to her perception. Talk about boosting the kid's morale to make her own decision. Oh boy!

This time we went for Planet of Beauty close to The Mall. Yes, the name is really close to Planet of the Apes! Yet again, there were lots of Filipino talents and one of a kind service so we were entirely satisfied. It was also way cheaper compared to other kids salon in Doha !

Now, Mommy is wishing a haircut for myself!

Her long hair - her last haircut was three years ago!

getting prep for her hair cut!

with the Filipina hair stylist - awesome!

five star service haircut!

and her hair was cut and she was happy!

final touches!

and she's off!
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Exploring Istanbul: Taksim Square

Taksim Square is a the heart of Istanbul, the perfect place to hang out when we got tired of viewing all museums. It is perfect to appreciate the Turkish culture! It is also plays an important hub for all public transportation in Istanbul. It will not be easy to get lost in Taksim Square as you will see a lot of public transportation in the area. 

There are also lot of things to do in Taksim Square. Tourists can shop, eat traditional Turkish food, drink Turkish coffee and tea, walk and appreciate the diversity of crowd, enjoy free museum, check out the Church. 

Since the half part of the family is Christian, the Turks make it a point to emphasize where the churches are located in Istanbul like we went there solely to visit churches. And to think that I myself, don't even go to church as frequently as any priests would like. I wonder whether will be doing the same to them when they reach Manila... "and here is where the mosque is located..." not that I know any mosques in Manila. 

Anyway, here are the photos of my sister and sister-in-law strolling along Taksim Square: 

posing by the Monument of the Republic (1928) 

look a tram!

Taksim Square by the background

50% Sale for kids clothes! Tita Ayish to the shopping spree!
One of the infamous Turkish stree food: Mussel with Pilav! Awesome!

I think she loved it!
ahhh kokorej!
fried mussels in garlic sauce!

loving the crowd at Taksim Square

posing by the church at Taksim Square

La Santa Messa

inside the church - hope she made a wish! 

posing by the museum - apparently, they feature different artist every week

Galata Tower - at the far end of Taksim Square!
Go ahead and enjoy Taksim Square at Istanbul, Turkey. You will love it for sure! :)

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The most important family member, and the most influential among all of us, celebrated her 57th birthday last 9th of August. Her contribution to the Turknoy family is so huge and valuable, we will be forever indebted to her. God knows how the kids turned out without her care and love for them.  

Since she is with us and far away home, we gave her a simple celebration together with some friends. 

We wish her more 57 years of blessed existence. Happy birthday, Mama!

palabok for long time - a gift from our guests

mixed pansit for longer life! 

kare kare and sisig to make her feel at home! 
Filipino version of chapseuy and chicken BBQ! 

her 57th birthday cake from her favorite child, Raynard!

and our dear Mama!

blowing her candles! Here's to more candles to blow in the next years to come!

Mama with her beloved apo whom she took care of since birth! 


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