Friday, March 11, 2011

Exploring Mesaeed: Khor Al Adaid (Inland Sea)

During our Family Day, we were very fortunate to have explored Khor Al Adaid or popularly known among expats as Inland sea.

The place is one of Qatar's finest treasures and  a prime tourism asset. Only four-wheel-drive vehicles can reach this area to enjoy the breathtaking view at the country's southernmost point. We traveled in convoy of four-wheel-drive vehicles through local tour operators arranged through my workplace. Awesome, right?

we survived the desert adventure - not without loud shrieks!

The backdrop of towering crescent-shaped sand dunes soaring from the water's edge makes for a magnificent photo opportunities. The sea surges west in a narrow channel that divides Qatar from Saudi Arabia.

this is the best family picture we could managed
because we were playing.. up and down!

slideeeeeeeee weeeeeee

Within the area is where shooting place of the movie, Black Gold, starring Antonio Banderras is located. NO- didn't see him! Better luck next time for him, huh!

The desert adventure we enjoyed will definitely be treasured among the Turknoys.

Keep exploring!

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