Sunday, March 6, 2011

Doha School Fair Fever: More Books

It has been a very busy weekend and we loved it. During Kylie's school fair at Newton, where she joined her first modeling contest, I managed to grab some bargain books like before. It was not as fabulous find as during the DMBS Fair, but it was enough to keep Mommy's book addiction at rest for a while.

Here are my book finds at Kylie's school fair:

We got these books for 4QR each, which is a little over 1 dollar .  One of these books is the flip flash subtraction which is really perfect for Kylie's next lessons. They are focusing on addition for the past weeks and will later on start subtraction - just awesome, right?

We will definitely be spending some time with these books. I will post the children's book review in a short time. For the mean time, head on over to the pilot book review - The Runaway Bunny .

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  1. Great books and thanks so much for finding the amazon link up for each of them. That was so helpful. Hello, I'm your newest follower from the blog hop and I hope you'll come visit and follow my blog too. I'd like to be blogging buddies with you. Thank you and Happy Sunday!

  2. Hi! Thanks for linking up at Bargain Book Bonanza! New books for $1-- what a deal!

    Hope you link your next bargain book post as well. The next time you link up please mention BBB in your post to help spread the word to other bargain book lovers.


  3. It looks like you scored big on this week's book find. I like how you went the extra step and linked up to Amazon; I had never considered that.


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