Friday, March 4, 2011

Doha School Fair Fever!

Doha School Fair Fever, alright! Right before summer, let kids in the Doha have fun outside!

Schools are arranging Doha version of school fairs much to the delight of the children, to the parents - not so much!
enjoying dance number at the fair!

Last Saturday, we were privileged to be invited by friends to the Doha Montessori and British School (DMBS), one of top International and British schools in Doha. To get enrolled is this school is really a challenge for parents. There are limited enrollment slots and very expensive matriculation (well, as in all schools in Doha!) The school is known for very good quality of education based on UK curriculum.

There are lots of games, of course and lots of activities for kids. Kerim enjoyed 15 minutes of soft play. For parents, there were few stalls on the day of the fair. One of these stalls was a second hand books among other second hand stuff stall.  Most of the books were donated by DMBS students' parents, those books that they do want anymore - fabulous! I found lots of great finds!

Guess How Much I Love You - 2 QR or less than a dollar!

What I Believe- 5 QR or 1.5 US dollars

Percy the Park Keeper Collection (Hard Cover Edition)- 25 QR or less than 8 US dollars

School fair entrance fees and all those coupon activities costing 5 QR per 5 minutes in bouncy castle or soft play is just worth it. We already had lots of fun with these books and will post book reviews soon.

But not before we head to another school fair event today. This time, off we go to Kylie's school.

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  1. School book fairs are fabulous. I always find great bargain there. At Mrs. BG, we are hosting our first linky party on Monday called Bargain Book Bonanza. It is to showcase all the book bargains that booklovers find and to make new bookish friends. Please Please link up this great post at our BBB linky part. Hope to see you there!


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