Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dining Out in Doha: Hippopotamus Steak House Qatar

This is what they advertise about Hippopotamus Steak House in Qatar:

The number one steak House! The best place to experience an authentic French steak feast!

Well, I think they went a little over board by saying "the best place" and "authentic French steak feast."

The experience is not memorable. The food taste could not even be differentiated with fast food taste.
We ordered burger, well done, of course. The taste is so-so and ho-hum to say the least.
delectable burger!

We have enjoyed the appetizer however. It's something new, of course.

sampler of everything

The restaurant is located near the main entrance of the City Centre Mall, which makes it a really good place to hang out, if you are the one who like to count people going in and out of the mall. Ha! Kidding aside, the fountain and it's manmade sound of a river and falls, made the restaurant ambiance so conducive to relaxing, and hence, craving for food.

the view from top!

The restaurant is spacious. There is a play area for kids which I think is a bit small compared to the capacity of the restaurant. If the restaurant gets full with family, the play area will be full of grumpy kids who will fight over the balls and blocks - the only available toys.

children's play area

And the kids meal is reasonable and attractive to kids, if only we could all get the kids meal, it would be all worth it. Haha!

nuggets for the kids
their dessert

The service is good - all Filipinos! They should say - French steak feast, Filipino service!

happy customers!
Based on opinion, if you love Applebees or Chillis, you would welcome the change in Hippopotamus and would love it here. The prices are almost similar anyways.And it's always nice to try something new in Doha.

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  1. Too bad it was ho-hum. I hate wasting money on hohum-- I always think how much better it would have tasted made at home.

  2. i so agree - lesa! we are changing nowadays and trying to eat in most of the time.. ;) a difficult routine to make..

  3. That is too bad it was ho-hum. I have to say it looked delicious but looks are not all that matter.

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  4. I love how they have a childrens play area!

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  6. Sounds like fun ! The food looks so good !
    You have a beautiful family. Congrats.
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  7. That burger looks super tasty o.o omnomnomnom
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  10. The ambiance looked fantastic! And the food looked yummy. I'm a new follower from the I <3 blogging blog hop. Hope you'll follow me back.


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