Thursday, March 31, 2011

Congratulations Kids!

Mommy Moments!

Kylie's achievement has been remarkable since she started school at 8th month old.

here's Kylie with grandmama completing toddler class - Most Attentive Listener!
1ST APRIL 2009 - MOVING UP CEREMONY, Cavite, Philippines. Kylie is a pentagon awardee, 
HIGHEST AWARD POSSIBLE! (Mommy was 2 months pregnant here)

Kerim's achievements are remarkable as well. Although, having the privilege to be together together, he didn't go to school so early like Kylie. We tried to teach him a few tricks and lessons every now and then. He's done a lot of impressive things at 18th months which reminds me to update the pictures in our Multiply.(using it for archiving photos still)

But here's our favorite so far - our cheeky monkey Kerim:

No or Yes, every little things that kids do deserve CONGRATULATIONS! And I believe every Mommy would agree with me on that.

Keep achieving!

mommy moments

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