Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doha School Fair Fever: Another Entrepreneurship Opportunity

We were off to a good start with teaching entrepreneurship to the kids at an early stage. Another Doha School Fair Fever was done in Kylie's school, this time called "table sale." Well, it might not be a fair at all, but definitely we bought more than we sold! Hahaha! Good finds, really.

As this is the first table sale in Newton International School, there were lots of weaknesses in the event specially the promotion of event. Very few people came to actually buy. Majority of the buyers are sellers!

Princess Kylie and her fellow entrepreneurs (with costumes!)

manning her stand!

she was also willing to sell some of her princess stuff! - awesome kid!

while this mini-entrepreneur plays!

tired and drinking water! pheeww hot day!

with the ever supportive Turk dad! 
We still have some stuff to sell and it's Mommy's turn again to look for Doha Fair! ;) All these opportunities give us tremendous entrepreneurship lessons to learn!

Small lessons. Big Steps! Who knows...

Keep exploring!

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