Back home in the Philippines, I am a proud advocate of the  Kids ahoy Community . The community is all about proactive parenting on raising global children. But since, we are far away from their activities, have to try proactive parenting in a creative way, being an expat here in Doha and a working mum at that.

Turknoys are global children. They need more than academic learning. We believe that sports and entrepreneurship should be the foundation of their activities. Values to be learned from these are just timely and relevant for all times. Enter Chinese parenting, but of course, in a modified Turknoy way. Haha - this is more serious than my Parenting Lessons from Criminal Minds.

Focus on entrepreneurship now. By definition, entrepreneurship is a process through which individuals identify opportunities, allocate resources, and create value. It is more than simply, "starting a business." Individuals with entrepreneur skills sees "problems" as opportunities. And they can very well handle change. They may not be able to build their own business empire when they grow up (though I sincerely hope, they would, $$$ ka-ching for our retirement plan!), but showing how to identify "business" opportunities this early, will build their character based on hard work and adaptability.

Hence, our little stint at a Doha School Fair last Saturday. It didn't turn out to be as financially successful, but the vendors tables are not strategically positioned to "profit" during the fair anyways, so this counts as practice. And practice, of course, is a good start. We can't wait to have our 2nd entrepreneurship family fun day on 25th March.

The Turknoys ready to earn $$
Kylie fixed her marketing advertisement - haha
which was improved by Kerim later on..
Mommy, where are all the customers? I have rearranged all  my items already!