Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Exploring Izmit: Kefken Black Sea Coast

Did you know that the Black sea is named after the color of its deepest water? It's salinity is very low and is considered the "newest" sea on Earth. It used to be a fresh water lake zillion of years ago (well, couple of thousand years only actually!). The salinity came from the Mediterranean Sea; fresh water still flowing to date from rivers around it. Black Sea is an inland sea, go figure!

Okay, that's about my attempt to give meaningful geography lessons but as my Turkey tour guide (aka my husband) keep advising me, just Google it. But since it kinda defeat the purpose of this blog (SEO and all), just go to Wikipedia - haha!

We have been to the area twice; one during the summer  2008 and the most recent, last December. We visited Kefken Rocks but we stayed along the Black Sea coast where Uncle Necmi's summer house is - we are so lucky, we know!  The kids were able to stroll along the beach but were not able to swim - obviously because of the very very cold water. We were advised to visit during the summer and not winter - here's to hoping that our work schedule will allow that.

Family Picture by the Black Sea! YAY! plus the shadow of Aunt Ebru!

Mommy, Aunt Ebru and the kids!

Winter 2011

Summer 2008 - Let's hope for Summer 2011! ;)

Keep exploring!


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