Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Ten Dr. Seuss Ipad Applications!

We love Dr. Seuss! Who doesn't? We love our iPad! Who won't? We love LOVE Dr. Seuss iPad applications!

First of all, yes, I, the working Mommy is guilty. Guilty this time of buying my kids gift hoping to replace the time and attention I could have been giving them if I am not working. I am trying desperately to justify that this is educational and so-worth the money.

Ipad is worth the money. With the free applications alone, we could easily get our money's worth.

Since Turknoy family values book so much - off we explore the iPad applications and found a real treasure in Oceanhouse Media applications especially all of Dr. Seuss books.

So joining the Top Ten Tuesday for the second time,  here are ten of our most-est favorite Dr. Seuss books: Click the link for description of the application.

10. How The Grinch Stole Christmas:  Well, despite not being in Christmas season, the kids enjoyed the omBook being highly interactive. Now, we are planning to watch the movie. They are yet to see the movie.

9.  Horton Hears a Who?  Choosing the movie over this application - as we love Jim Carrey's voice as Horton. The Horton from this omBook is a bit dull but just the same - the story has timeless lessons to impart to kids.

8. I Can Read With My Eyes Shut : This is a highly recommended books for early readers. It convinces them that reading is good for them.

7.  Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?  We definitely had lots of fun making sounds and funny noises!

6.  Gertrude McFuzz: Oh the lesson of not being vain is effectively learned. Too much beauty won't make us fly higher! ;)

5.  Yertle the Turtle; Since we have a stuffed toy pet Myrtle, then kids were able to relate with Yertle being the leader of all Turtles.

4.  Happy Birthday To You!  If our family has an official "mantra", it would be everyday is a celebration - hence, exploring this application made us value making everyday a celebration, especially during birthday!

3. Oh The Thinks You Can Think!  Yes - keep imaging and realizing dreams!

2.  The Sneetches : We loved the book and the application because it teaches us to be fair how we treat our people different from us. Well, we are a global family - and we meet lots of people from different background, culture and status. We need to "naturally" treat people with fairness and without judgement.

1. Oh The Places You'll Go! - Our all time favorite! Kind of consistent with our "Keep exploring" theme  in this blog.

We highly recommended getting a family iPad to be able to enjoy all these applications. Cihangir bought one set of Dr. Seuss books from Amazon which costed us 30 USD plus shipping costs. That's only five books. These applications cost on average 3 USD. Not to mention the interaction and the features. And in our case, space of maintaining books is no longer a problem - these applications are mobile!

Keep exploring!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Qatar Cinema: Cars 2 Movie Review

So we were so excited with Cars 2 showing in Qatar Cinema. Of course, we watched it to see if it will meet our high expectations. It kinda did - but in a different way.

In the movie, star race, Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater travelled to scenic countries to compete in the World Grand Prix Race. Mater got involved in an intriguing adventure of his own - an international espionage, this then became the focus of the movie and not the race.

Well, we loved the James Bond 007 thing - us the parents! The kids - not so much!  I suppose the word "spy" for them is limited to I-spy games. But somehow Kylie was able to catch up and admire that purple girl spy who is into Tow Mater! The other focus of the movie, use of alternative fuel oil in cars, is also not picked up by the kids. However, it is an eye-opener for parents how alternative fuel could get so politically incorrect as perspectives can get manipulated by scientists, media and businessmen. - Heavy, I know!

Well, the lesson learned by the kids is that bestfriends stick with each other and they accept each other who ever they are - no need to change them, real best friends understand.

Kerim thought the movie was too long that he started to drag us out 30 minutes before movie ended. Oh boy!

I particularly liked that they paid a little tribute to Paul Newman - who voiced Doc Hudson - in the movie who died on September 26, 2008 after losing an ongoing cancer battle. Great thinking and great heart of the producers, I think!

The movie is really worth something for us, adults. The 3D adventure is a good lure for the kids. I suppose, I will make Kylie and Kerim watch this again when they are a bit older after giving brief background on espionage and alternative fuel. An interesting homework for me!

An important tip for Doha movie watchers: We didn't watch at the City Centre as we watched the movie on a Friday night (we're not that crazy!) We found a great movie house close home - at the Mall Cinema. Not that crowded and not a better cinema environment when watching with kids. (Telephone number  is 44678666 - I think they book seating through phone.

Cars 2 Movie schedule at The Mall Cinema - 2:30PM, 4:45PM, 7:00PM.

Relax, Go See a Cars 2 Movie.

Keep exploring!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

“I Am A Gummy Bear”

Something so cute to end of our work week! Gummy Bear! ;)

From the super adorable gummy bear in the net - NOW WITH CD DEBUT! OH SO FAB! Turknoys can't wait to get hold of this CD - wonder if this is available in iTunes since we transformed overnight to Apple-pro family.

Keep exploring! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Qatar Cinema: Cars 2

Showing in Qatar Cinema next week: Cars 2 - another awesome movie to look forward to! We can hardly wait.


Keep exploring!

Messy Play: Window Mosaic

Ahh - messy play with window mosaic equals fun!

It's never boring to stay indoors especially if equipped with lots of activities for kids - which also means, lots of ways to be messy.

One easy way is mosaic for kids. In this case, we used window mosaic art kit. But there are other materials at home we could use for mosaic - paper, eggshells, glass, and lots of other mess!

It was fun making window mosaic and we are very keen to explore other materials next time.

Keep exploring!

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Qatar Cinema: Green Lantern and X-Men First Class

In Qatar Cinema: Green Lantern and X-Men First Class...

We love Marvel Superheroes! Well, at least I do and Cihangir is learning to love it, too. Monday last week, we watched X-Men First Class, just the two of us. Obviously, we loved the alone moments we had, without the kids. Bless my sister Charissa for babysitting! So we just had to watch again, this time, the new release, Green Lantern! It was fabulous time spent as couple!

Green Lantern (2011) - In a universe vast as it was mysterious, a small but powerful force has existed for centuries. Protectors of peace and justice, they are called the Green Lantern Corps. A brotherhood of warriors sworn to keep intergalactic  order, each Green Lantern wear a ring that grants him superpower. And of course, the newest recruit will be human, from Earth who will rise above all the other Green Lanterns. The human is to teach all creatures of the universe that it is more important to overcome fear than to be fearless.

Ryan Reynolds played Green Lantern seemed to be the perfect choice! Well, he's funny side is so fitting to the character of having no responsibility in life.

And did you know that Green Lantern is the most powerful superhero ever? Yes, even more powerful than superman! Well, Green Lantern is fights for justice, is "officially" trained to stop evil all over the galaxies and creates anything he can imagine from his "will" - that kind of tell us that he can do almost anything so long as he can visualize it and can overcome his fear.

Well, on the other hand, our Man of Steel, is just one lost child, abandoned on Earth who can be killed by krypronite.

Well, do not get me wrong. I love Superman as much as the next girl - but now, I love Green Lantern more.

X-Men First Class (2011) - In 1963 (time setting for First Class!), Charles Xavier starts up school and later a team, for humans with superhuman abilities. Among them is Erik Lensherr, his best friend and future archenemy - Magneto! And I have to admit, I can now understand why he became the villain. Shame on some of the humans, really!

Well, we rate two thumbs up for the two movies - way up for both! A very good stress reliever during hectic day at work and at home!

If you are in Doha, brave the travel to the cinema and go see a movie! These Marvel stories are so worth it!

Keep exploring!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Messy Play: Baking

We used to bake a lot especially Turnoy Brownies. I need to put this in our activity for this summer.

To see the kids smile after devouring the brownie is priceless! 

burp! bye bye brownie! ;)

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A Normal Turknoy Day

It's 2AM. I can't sleep - this is definitely abnormal for me compared to the past few months. It has been a perfect Friday today - waking up early to smiles, hugs and kisses of the kids. Husband made breakfast (also cleaned the bedroom after!), family took 4-hour nap after, got up, watched Kung Fu Panda 2, had coffee at Cafe Ceramque while the kids get creative with painting, window shopped and accidentally found pair of shoes to die for. Went home and tucked in the kids to sleep. And here I am now, wide awake.

Then I found the this blog, If you are going to be me tomorrow, and inspired me to write the same topic. Well, of course, I won't be able to articulate my thoughts as beautifully as Kirsty did but I will make me sleep, I hope.

If you are going to be tomorrow:

Well, you have to wake up really early , 4:30AM the latest. Chances are I didn't prepare kids lunch boxes last night and I need to cram to make them before 5:30AM when it's time for them to wake up.

In between making kids packed lunches, you have to access the office email and plan my work day.  There are deadlines and goals need to be accomplished for the day and getting emails done and over it early morning will give you ample time to "communicate" to people concerned to get your message across. This means driving to different locations in Doha in weather conducive to sickness to make real conversation with people.

A minute to access social networking sites as well to read and give positive vibes to people usually kicks off my day! A positive day as I envisioned myself for the next months (or forever all the time!) 

You don't need to worry about mornings, too much though. Charissa, my sister, helps out with preparing Kylie to school which gives you lots of time to prepare food. Husband normally takes care of Kerim.

On a busy day at the office, husband would volunteer to take BOTH the kids to school and nursery. This gives time to clean up the house after the whirlwind of preparation in the morning. When everyone left the house,  I have my 10-minute alone time usually spend singing praises to God for a wonderful day.

You have to leave the house before 6:30AM so that your day will not be ruined looking for a parking space. Remember to call the husband at 7AM to see if he had dropped off the kids safely. And then take time to miss them a little and remind yourself that you are working hard for the family. Family above all else but I love my job too.

My family gives the ultimate meaning to my existence; my work makes me appreciate my family more. It does not define who I am but it helps be define my purpose of being a parent. (well, that is my personal sentiment - but if you are going to be me for one day, that thought will help you through the day, especially on a normal "doha" work day.

Remember to maximize the output for eight hour work. Unlike before, staying late at work is no longer an option everyday. Kids need to be picked up, lessons need to be started. Dinner for the family needs to be prepared.

Remember that I am not a superwoman and has limitations. If it is a tiring day at the office, I have the right to eat out with the family and not do chores. But on a not so tiring day, chores need to be done, dinner needs to be prepared.

Reading to kids and with kids is an important part of the day and can't be missed.  It is a routine that I am trying to established in the family. Reading to the Turknoy is also a stress reliever.

A normal and important daily communication  with husband starts after tucking in the kids. The rewind of the day, the plan for tomorrow and the review of "where we are now versus where we want to be in five years time?" It is very important to get inspiration from each other, a check of commitment and priorities in life.

And then a great night sleep - all the family members snuggled in one bed.  Deep slumber embraced with lots of love. A blessed life.

Well, come to think of it - I don't want somebody else to be! I love being me - it's the best I could do! ;)

Have a great day!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ice Cream Massacre!

Pictures taken a week ago. Oh boy!

This is Kerim devouring ice cream right after I picked him up from the nursery.

Five minutes after, here's he is:


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Qatar Cinema: Kung Fu Panda 2

Pure awesomeness indeed! Off the family went to watch the movie, Kung Fu Panda 2 and we were all pleased way better than the first Kung Fu Panda. Well except Kerim who was a bit bored after one hour but the laughter and the sighs I've heard from my two elder babies (the husband being the oldest!) made the movie so worth it.


Go watch the movie! Showing in most Qatar Cinemas - well, that is if you are in the country. ;)

Keep exploring!

Doha Event: Doha Trade Fair

Doha Trade Fair 2011 - another Doha Event to explore starting tomorrow! It's always exciting to find fairs, much more a big event fair like this in Doha where the market is limited to products with high mark up.

Excited for tomorrow. Here's a little information but more could be found in their website or Facebook  Page.

The Doha Trade Fair will be held on the 4th to the 13th of June in the Doha Exhibition Center. The fair will start from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily except for Fridays when it will start from 2:00 pm up to 10:00 pm. There will be 570 stands within the 15,000 square meters of the exhibition center. For 10 days, an array of products and goods coming from many different countries from all over Asia, Europe and America will be showcased for customers to buy.

List of products:
clothing, abayas, shoes, bags, accessories, beauty products, make-up, gadgets, toys, small home appliances, home decoration, gift items, souvenirs, packed food products, handcrafted products, silver wares.

List of countries participating in the Doha Trade Fair:
QATAR, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Egypt, Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Syria, UAE, Yemen, Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Canada, Italy, USA, Spain, Lebanon, Morocco, Turkey, Iran, JORDAN, KENYA.

And there are lots of competitions as well. We just hope that the fair is kid-friendly. We'll just see about that.

Keep exploring!


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