Thursday, March 24, 2011

Qatar Marine Festival 2011: Sailing, Beach Football, Ball Games and Mini Golf

There's more of Qatar Marine Festival 2011 that we didn't get to enjoy fully. Probably due to lack of time, but could also be from lack of interest! It's a shame that the family is not into sports much. That has to change in the next months or so, once the toddler gets more (oh boy!) active!

In sailing, we get to see different types of sailboats by Qatar Sailing and Rowing Federation. We saw, as well, para-sailing, when we were enjoying a movie at Al Seef Cinema.

oh, it's para sailing

someday, we'll try this - yeehaaaaaa

We get to observe as well some games of beach volleyball and some ball game.


beach football!

bossaball court!

Apparently, the ball game here is BOSSABALL. A newly invented sport which combines football, volleyball, gymnastics and spectacular acrobatic moves. Bossaball shows are conducted by highly skilled teams from Brazil, Slovenia, Belgium and Holland.

There's also mini-golf which we were looking forward to try but since it's in front of Bahoor World, we were always distracted.

Keep exploring!


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