Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Exploring Doha: The Pearl

Finally! We were able to visit The Pearl, Qatar.! The Pearl, Qatar is an artificial land, reclaimed from one of Qatar's previous major pearl diving site - hence, the name "The Pearl." It lives up to its name of being the pearl as the place is so luxurious and classy.

The Pearl Qatar is slated to become the region's top dining destination. It already hosts a number of international renowned restaurants with many more expected. Note to self: Must try to look for sponsors so we can dine in these restaurants.The Pearl also hosts a bank  (Commercial Bank - I think), chemist, accessories shops, and a number of other specialties outlets.

The luxurious yachts are simply spectacular view. Oh how much it would take to have one - as I told my sister is this much: "Imagine the highest amount of money you ever had and then multiplied it to 1000; she got the picture and corrected me to multiply it to million and not just 1000.  Who knows, someday, somehow - throwing our dream to the Universe!

i wanna be a billionaire so freakin' bad - to buy this!

and this too!

As a first timer in the place, we took a stroll in the Boardwalk and then enjoyed coffee and cake for Ayish's birthday celebration. Although, the family is not complete as last year, it was still a celebration of life's blessings. We had  fun chasing the kids off the boardwalk and watching them bump their heads while they fall on the stairs - it did happen and yes, we did watch only. Bad bad sitters!

Ayish and her celebrators in red!
At the SECOND CUP cafe
Ayish and her cakes!

three for 2-3! hope she wished for the yachts!
Keep on celebrating life!

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