Sunday, March 6, 2011

Exploring Doha: International Wedding Exhibition & Fashion Show

Today is the last day of the 5th International Wedding Exhibition & Fashion Show Doha 2011. Despite the hectic weekend, we went to Doha Exhibition Centre this afternoon. Too bad we have missed the fashion show which was held yesterday. It could have been very interesting for Kylie as she can observe professional models. Even without the fashion show, it was worth paying the exhibition a visit.

Okay, it might be too late for me to source out great wedding gowns, chinaware, photographers and flower arrangements but I still have two sisters and one sister-in-law who will get married in five - seven years from now.. God willing. It was a good "educational" trip. Plus I got two free bridal magazines which I handed out to my sister as soon as I reached home. (On the second thought, we could get married in the Philippines.. on our 5th wedding anniversary! Aha!)

During the exhibition, Kylie is already choosing her gown. Heaven forbid - not in the next 20 years or so. While checking out the gowns, she always ask me - how was your wedding gown like when you got married? Like this? Like this? Is it beautiful like this? (Usually, filled with sarcasm, or maybe it's just me..) I'd rather not comment. I'll show her when we get back to Istanbul. Who knows, with a few modification and alterations, she can use it at her wedding (**UGGHH**)

Here are some of the gowns she like.

stall from Istanbul  - only for the exhibit.
She thinks these gowns are "just normal"
She likes this one, is it obvious?
so -so!
too covered - hahaha
This is not a mannequin - I so hate her!! But Kylie wants to be like her when she's 18 - uugghh
We chatted with the Turkish people who were manning the wedding gown stall and they were fascinated with the Turknoys. They asked about life in Doha and of course, I said it's amazing for a new family like us. He's not convinced as he finds Doha boring. Huh?! Well, first impressions last and lingers... as well as boredom. =)

Oh well, the International Wedding Exhibition in Doha is an annual event. Something we could look forward to next year -- Kylie will then be 5 years old and her tastes in gowns might have evolved. Oh boy!

Keep Exploring!


  1. I love all the gowns, hehehe your baby girl is so cute trying to cute of each of the gown. thanks for the visit.

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  2. your little Kylie is such a kikay. I love her photos :)

  3. you have a lovely little model there :)

  4. awwww - thanks for dropping by here at Turknoys


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