Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Book Review: Oxford Reading Tree - Bottles, Cans, Plastic Bags

Another book we read during the Earth Day is from Oxford Reading Tree titled Bottles, Cans, Plastic Bags.
Oxford Reading Tree - Read at Home Pack: Includes Mountain Rescue, the Secret Sands, the Hairy-scary Monster, the Golden Touch, the Palace Statues and ... Voice Level 5: Featuring Kipper, Chip, Bif 
The book is part of the series of Read at Home First Experiences which introduce young children to new situations and are ideal for reading together. Each book contains all the elements of a first time experience in an entertaining story full of humor and detail.

We definitely enjoyed this book where the children cleaned up the beach and were introduced the concept of waste segregation! It was also emphasized in the story the value of the restoring the environment to its clean state. The proactive way of cleaning the environment is helping together to clean up somebody else's mess. While the kids were cleaning the beach, they helped a seagull who was tangled in the plastic rings from some of the drink cans trash. The sea gull couldn't fly. It illustrated the harm to wildlife when people leave litter on beaches which can be further elaborated to kids as acting irresponsibly towards the environment.

There's also the incentive of finding the purple snail, which is actually painted by Dad. Unexpected good things happen when we act responsible towards the environment. This is a very good lesson to impart to kids. Especially for Kylie's age that "WIIFM" is so natural for them: What's in it for me? that is!

There are two activities at the end of the book which we enjoyed doing together: Sort the Rubbish and Snail Trail Maze.

Also, it is interesting to note their waste sorting: Glass, Cardboard, Cans, Food Waste, Plastic and Paper. Now, if only we could implement this in Qatar.

Well, I could recommend this book. Especially if live examples could be shown to the children. 

Keep reading!

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