Saturday, March 5, 2011

Doha School Fair: Modeling Contest

Kylie had her first modeling contest this weekend. I thought it was just a modeling presentation where different grade level has different theme. Reception's theme is fantasy and since she loves dressing as a princess and her Auntie Jing in Ireland gave her a fabulous Belle gown three years back, why not let Kylie join? So I thought. But not until I saw the judges did I realize that it was a contest. So the untrained stage mom in me panic and got so nervous. I could barely hold the camera to take pictures.

And I thought it was just going to be like any other Doha school fair fever. But it was not for us, or for the mom at least.

Yes there was games, raffles, lots of food, coupons but then, modeling , uughh, contest, where Kylie was part of! The judges?

that Qatar TV guy and Peter Webber

Peter Webber is an Oscar-nominated director!His works includes Hannibal Rising and Girl with Pearl Earring. Oh my, such pressure for a laid back mom, much more a stage mom!

Common, they didn't even practice or anything. But here goes the video, you be the judge! At least, she lost to a Pirate Pinoy. ;)

I was not ready to teach her the lessons of losing to a competition in real life experience. That night, she asked me: "Mommy, can you please ask God to make the day happen again, I promise I will not be shy and will really do my best! Really" Hence, our long discussion about life's regrets and trying your best. And it was no near an easy nor comfortable discussion but it was a very fun and interesting one. I got to pick her brain on her thoughts about life in general.

Apart from Kylie's lessons learned, I also realized that I can't be subjected to this kind of competition. My very low emotional IQ and high degree of competitiveness won't allow me to show little expectations from my children and the people around me. Really bad, I know! But hey, it was really unplanned contest. Inhale, exhale!

Do let me know any comments or any thoughts on how I should approach kids about losing.

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  1. kylie dear, we are so proud of you,not many girls has the guts to stand and do what you did on stage. You are so pretty and smart. love you! TITA DINAH

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