Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Qatar Marine Festival 2011: Baharna

Another popular Qatar Marine Festival 2011 attraction is the Baharna. Baharna is an Arabic word for "Our Sea.

This exhibition features fantastic aquariums and pools featuring lots of sea creatures.

very first aquarium by the entrance of the Baharna!

Tita Ayish with Kylie loving the aquarium!

we were amazed at the jellyfish! coolness!

tigerfish! kerim is starting to love love fish and any body of water! awesome!

love that under the sea ambiance !

BLUE so serene place!

The kids have enjoyed the hands on experience of touching the animals at the petting-pool area.

Of course, Kylie touched the starfish!!

Raynard played with the horse shoe crab!
 We were also got so amazed at the videos, especially that fabulous water screen which we were so tempted to touch (ouch, electrocution!)

that video has water falls effect on it - DO NOT TOUCH!

We have enjoyed immensely the fish skeletons and of course, posing pictures with these species.

Raynard: It was already dead when I ate it!

Keep exploring!


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