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We have our banner finally! Special thanks to A Very Awesome Expat Lady!

It summarizes what the Turknoy blog is all about. It is about a lot of differences in life within one family, yet the ability to embrace them, build respect and be surrounded by love. 

Everyday is a celebration of our family life. Most of the time, we make a big deal of celebrating tiny details of our mediocre, albeit interesting (for us!) adventures! And that fact is so obvious in our blog, here us hoping we don't bore a lot of people.

Caroline is a proud 100% Pinay, a strategic-yet-laid-back-mother-of-two adorablacious kids, loving-wife-of-one-Turkish-gentleman and full-time-dedicated-employee-at-work-of-many . I aspire to be a good cook someday. There is always hope.
I worship God in my own little ways - a non-practicing Catholic.
Good, better, best days, I always project a bad hair day. I choose reading a book over combing my hair at any minute.
I write to express my zillion of thoughts on expat living, OFW -tripping, mixed-race, mixed-religion, mixed-personality parenting and blended homeschooling. I took initiatives for my kids such as cooking, book club, explorations, travels. Hope my ramblings and my big picture mindset may be worth somebody's while.

Cihangir is a proud 100% Turkish. He loves to cook. LOVE. COOK. EAT. Those are his passion in that order. In the near future, we will launch a Turkish Restaurant - through his vision, commitment and action.

A model family man, he spends a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and in the living room running after the kids.

His favorite past time is watching the news and reading newspaper or following CNN in Tweeter and Facebook. He's beginning to learn how to multitask.


Kylie could survive with chicken and rice only. Not bad for a would-be mermaid when she turned 5 this year.

 Kerim   loves to eat and speak in public. He's just 1 and 1/2; yet he has the courage to say "NO" to everyone.

Turknoys are being brought up in Pinay/ Turkish unique parenting method.Oh what fun!

Love. Explore.Cook.Eat. Live Happy.

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  1. Hello there Mommy Caroline!! I am so glad you have joined us!!

    I am Mommy Rubz and the founder of PMC and creator of WBFC. In behalf of the whole community, I welcome you to WBFC and also to Pinay Mommies Community (PMC)!!

    By the way, I haven't posted my entry yet but will do soon. Hope you could drop by. ^_^

    Followed your blog too!!

  2. you have a lovely family. we have one thing in common. we both love to read. i'd rather buy a book more than make-up, clothes and shoes. but bags, i'm not really sure. bags and books have equal footing in my case...=)

    thanks for sharing a bit of your life. here's my entry to this week's caravan, do drop by:

  3. by the way, i'm following you now thru google friend connect=)

  4. Hi! Mommy Caroline nice to meet you here :-) I'm Seth from WBFC...will follow your blogs :-)

    Hope you can follow mine as well..
    Sweet as Candy

  5. Visiting. Beautiful, beautiful Family! Nice to meet you.

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    Have a good one!

  6. You have a beautiful family. Following you through the Surfin' Saturday Blog Hop! Hope you have an awesome weekend:)

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  7. You all look great nice meeting you Caroline. Already a follower from WBFC.

  8. Following from the blog hop. Hope you can follow back.
    God Bless,
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  9. Hi Mommy Caroline! It's so nice to meet you.. thanks for sharing about your beautiful family.. wow! I would love to try out your Turkish Restaurant..:) I love to try out new food.

    Following you through Google connect.

  10. Your kids are lovely. Nice Saturday to you Mommy Caroline. Followed your blog, my WBFC entry is here;

  11. love that turknoy portmanteau ...nice meeting you carol... your kids indeed are adorable.. dropping by from blog caravan...


  12. Nice meeting you Mommy Caroline! You have lovely family! God bless!


  13. Wow! So nice to meet your family! Nice to meet you too mommy Caroline! hope you can visit my entry too!

  14. following the surfing sat. hop. new gfc follower. Please see me at

  15. Hi mommy Caroline! welcome to WBFC...we already met..hehehe..mostly on Mommy Moments..I envy your family..yeah I know masama mainggit..I always dream of having a complete family..(sigh)

    follow you already..hope you could follow back.. thanks!

  16. Hi caroling...

    Visiting here from WBFC 9...

    I love the way you coined Turkish and Pinoy TurkNoy...a blend of 2 nations.

    Ang cute ng mga babies mo sis...sarap ikiss

    Followed you thru GFC too.

    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

  17. Nice meeting you here, dear Caroline. I followed you on GFC and Networked Blogs and subscribed to your RSS feeds. Hoping to see you on my blog and follow back too! :-) Take care!

  18. New follower from the weekend blog hop, I totally agree about reading a book, I never leave home without my e-reader. Would love if you dropped by my blog at WV Stitcher . Have a fantastic weekend!

  19. I have been wondering what turknoys mean, and now I know :)

    I am your 232th follower and here is my entry for WBFC :

  20. Hi Caroline, you have beautiful family, gwapo pala ng husband at mga anak mo ang gugwapo at cute. Good to know you and hope to visit here again some time

  21. hello mommy! followed you.. very nice family you have there. here is my blog link:

  22. lovely family you have :) dropping by from wbfc

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    my online journal
    my soltero baby

  23. Congrats on the banner design! I'm a New Follower from the weekend social! I'd love for you to follow me back and help me choose a new blog button for my blog I have a poll on my page for people to vote on one of three buttons.

    Have a great weekend!

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

  24. Happy Saturday and I am following Hope your weekend is great
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  25. I am following you from the blog caravan. Please visit/follow mine.

    nice to meet fellow Filipinas here online.

  26. You are so blessed with a loving husband and pretty kids. Glad to know you and your blog as well.

    anyway here is my entry: My Weekend Caravan!

    I am one of your followers na din. Hope you can do the same! See you!

  27. Hi, I'm a new follower. Can't wait to read more of your blog. Have a nice Saturday.

  28. nice to know you mommy caroline, been here several times before + i really love reading about your beautiful family's mixed-culture adventures + yes i agree with you i'll definitely opt for books than spend time tinkering with my hair since it will almost always end up into a bad hair day!haha! and another thing we have in common - am also a non-practicing catholic + worship my god by being a good mom to my son + with other ways i know how. glad you brought that up^^ and don't ever give up on being a good cook someday, i have the same aspirations..we can do it soon enough^^

    visiting via WBFC + following you now thru GFC
    happy sunday^^

  29. You have a beautiful family Caroline! We have so many things in common. I also have a multi cultured family, hubby loves food and cooking and I am a non practicing catholic as well.

    Life of a Filipina Blogger
    Online Chikadora
    Happy Home
    Diva Fabulosa
    The Pinay Blogger
    Earth Friendly Momma

  30. I love the term...Turknoy :). very clever. You have cute kids.

    Please do visit my post too


  31. Unique blog name.. God bless you where you are!

  32. Hi, Caroline! You have a very wonderful family! Stay happy :)

  33. hi caroline! nice meeting you...followed you...hope u could follow me back..

  34. Nice to meet you mommy Caroline. ;)

    Followed you thru GFC @Pinay Mama. You can view my entry HERE:

  35. You sure have a beautiful family. Great to know you! Following you now. pls follow me back at

  36. Hi, caroline! I've seen your adorable TurkNoys in mommy moments. Now I'm glad to know the rest of the family better through WBFC.

    Hope you could take time to now more about the crazymom of my two tots at

    Happy blogging!

  37. halu dear am here too..first time joining the WFBC..follwed my new site here..hope you can visit there too and do the same:) see yah!

  38. Hi! I`m stopping by from Lucas Journey blog hop!
    I would love you to visit
    I look forward to reading your blog posts!

  39. wow a husband who has a vision of opening up a restaurant! ^^, lucky you dear! ^_^ nice to meet you by the way, followed your blog through GFC ^_^

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  40. Nice to meet you via PMC. Hope to hear from you soon.

    view my post here:

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  41. you have a beautiful family.☻ i love the play with words...turknoys. :) visiting through WBFC!

  42. thank you for all your wonderful comments.. and follow! am pretty sure that I have followed you back. i enjoyed viewing all your introductions; it was really really nice meeting you here!


    caroline and the rest of the family ;)

  43. wow Mommy Carol, nice family you got there.. following you...

    here's mine

  44. its so nice to meet you....followed you..

  45. nice to meet you :)... followed you :)...

    my entry

  46. hi caroline! it's nice to know you. you have a wonderful family. like you, i am a non-practicing Catholic too.

    followed you both on GFC and networked blogs. have a great week!

  47. Hi Mommy Carol, you have such a beautiful family!

    Following you here through the WBFC. See you around!

  48. Hi Caroline! You have adorable kids! BTW, I'm Ellen. Followed your blog already :)
    Visiting through WBFC 9. I hope you can also checkout My Entry. Thanks :)

  49. Hello Mommy Caroline. My first time here.

    I'm January and your new follower. hope you can visit me back.. thanks..

    My Weekend Blog Follower Caravan # 9 Post

  50. hi mommy caroline! its so nice to meet you here. You really have a beautiful family. Im visiting you here from WBFC.

  51. hi mommy caroline! great fam you have there :)

    Mine is just a short entry. Don't forget to follow me please :)

    Have a great week!

  52. your kids are really cute!!!

    followed you already..
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  53. Hello Caroline, Cihangir and kids! :) Visiting you from WBFC9! :) I am also your newest follower on GFC.. :)

    Your kids are so adorable... :)

  54. Nice to meet you Caroline! What a beautiful family :)

    Thank you for following my home page blog . . . I am following you back!

    Have a wonderful week . . . Gina

  55. Hi Caroline! You have a beautiful family. I thought Turknoy is your Filipino nickname, you know like nene, basyang or whatever. Something new to learn everyday.

    I'm also your new follower.

    find more about me here: wbfc: who is gene?

  56. Hi Momi caroline, lovely to meet you here at PMC. You have a beautiful family and i just love visiting here again and again because of your interesting recipes.

    Your newest follower here, by the way and see you around the blogging world.

    Hope you visit my entry here, leave some sweets and follow me too. Have a great week!
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  57. Nice to meet you Caroline! When you mentioned about your normal bad hair days, I thought, why did I forget that? A day may pass without combing simply because the mirror is not my priority, unless I have to leave the house. :D

  58. Beautiful website, lots of content, foods (:

    Good luck to the family.

  59. Mommy Leng, I'm one proud friend here to have known you since Multiply days... You have been an inspiration to me because of your kindness and wit. Hope someday I can write as good as you. Been in the blogging world for a few years now, but seems like you've been here since forever. See how many followers you've got there already? WOW! amazing! And no, I won't ever get bored reading your thoughts. You're an impressive writer. =) Kisses to the Turknoys...

    AC here of Happy Home Working with ACmomCee, Come Dine In, Join My Stroll and Cheeky Munchkis

  60. Beautiful family, Caroline! Thank you for allowing a little peek into the turknoy way of life! Sounds like you're having lots of fun.

    Visiting from WBFC! (Already a follower on GFC) I hope you can visit mine and follow back :)

    I am entry #62> Nshima Servings on WBFC

  61. cute ng kids mo! I am your newest blog follower. Please visit my WBFC-Everything Alabama and follow me back if you haven't yet.

  62. can't wait to try out turkish restaurant:)

    nice to meet you and your lovely family...

    thanks for the lovely comment you left in my entry:)

    see you around...

    BTW, i'm your new follower:)

  63. Hello mommy! Cookie here. you have a beautiful family. Followed your blog. Hope you'll follow mine. tnx.

    Here's my entry:

  64. done sis hope! you visit me too..

  65. Hi Caroline,visiting from WBfc 9. It's a nice combination Turknoy, and interesting indeed.Looking forward to learn more of your dishes. Nice meeting you!

  66. I'm glad to be a friend! I've always admire your personality Leng! I miss Kylie and we can't wait to meet Kerim! Hugs! Here's mine: Septembercharm

  67. Hi mommy Leng, we've been connected a bit during the multiply days so I know cutie Kylie from there...still adorable as before! I left multiply so I wasn't updated, you got a baby boy na pala! Congrats, 2 bundles of joy!

    It's not easy doing what you do (partly ma experience) so I can relate...keep it up! You look so wonderfully beaming! -G

    (following your blog now and linked you to mine, under the Mom blog's list)

  68. an old follower :) visiting thru WBFC...Hope you can follow mine

  69. sorry for the late visit. but, better late than never, right? :)

    sounds like you and i have a lot in common! especially the reading and the bad hair day part. hihihi.

    i'm your newest GFC and NetworkedBlogs follower!


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