Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Qatar Marine Festival 2011: Bahoor World (Shell and Pearl Balloon)

Another great science project at the Qatar Marine Festival 2011 - Bahoor World yesterday!  This might be the last for us this year! It will definitely get pretty crowded during the weekend, last three days of the festival so we better get over the fun. Aaaww! We sincerely hope that it could be a year long event!

Kylie made a shell with balloon as pearl to make the shell open and close, open and close - how scientific! First they explained the concept of balloon and why it will bursts when there's too much air!

air pump, balloons, tape, scissors

all set!

preparing the air pump

she picked yellow balloon

ready to pump!

more air, more air!! burst!

preparing the shell face

how cute are those eyes!!

drawing the face and decorating!!

the sample finished product - brilliant idea, right?
This activity could be repeated over and over at home as we get to keep the air pump and managed to get some more balloons. We just have to get paper plates and the kids will have fun decorating!

Keep exploring!

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