Thursday, March 3, 2011

Book Review: The Runaway Bunny

Pilot Book Review! 

The Runaway Bunny  by Margaret Wise Brown
Pictures by Clement Hurd
Copyright 1942

It is just fitting to start with a favorite. The plot of the book deals with a small bunny who wants to run away. The mommy bunny then tells him that if he run away, mommy will run after you. Uh-huh? Just realized how sad the story could be if you are teaching independence to kids! Mommy Bunny will always be there for you if you run away, so you baby bunny, better stay here with all the free carrots Mommy Bunny could offer.

I think the lesson that I would want to impart my kids about running away is to make it realize how difficult life could be, yet they need to stand up to the challenge of being along, of accepting their responsibilities and taking the consequences of their bad decisions in life.

However, the book is a very good illustration of a perfect mother's love. Mother's love can do anything unimaginable including walking on a tight rope if the situation required!

The illustrations, despite being copyright 1972 is brilliant. You can vividly see the meaning of the words.

A little bit of trivia: The picture of a cow jumping over the moon, which features prominently in  Goodnight Moon first appeared in The Runaway Bunny.

The first time I read this book to kids of Kylie's age was last Easter celebration with friends here in Doha. We started our own version of our Easter egg hunt by reading books related to Easter. Since I was not able to find any "Easter Books", our copy of The Runaway Bunny saved the day.

It turned out to be a perfect book to read since  moms listened closely with the kids.

Book arts and crafts - Easter version

Our Book Rating: FOUR TURKNOY STARS (4/5)

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