Saturday, March 26, 2011

Book Review: Dora Celebrates Earth Day

Dora Celebrates Earth Day!: Little Green Nickelodeon (Dora the Explorer)
Today is Earth Day!We have celebrated this cause today by reading "Earth-friendly" books, one of which is Dora Celebrates Earth Day!

In this book, Dora is making a scrapbook filled with tips about what we can all do to help save our planet. All the tips are so practical that even my four-year-old Turknoy can relate.

These are the tips listed in the book.
  1. Always make sure not to waste water., takes short shows and turns off the faucet when brushing teeth. (with the photo of Boots brushing teeth, cute!)
  2. If you have water left in the drinking glass, we can use it to water plants. ( practical tip!) 
  3. Turn off the lights when not using and turn out the lights during the day when there's plenty of sunlight.   this is a no-brainer tip but few follow to heart!) 
  4. Rides a bike, not a car. (uh oh, we are so guilty of NOT doing this!) 
  5. Brings own cloth bags during groceries. Reuse the same bags every shopping. Sandwich bags can also be washed and reused again and again. 
  6. Do not leave refrigerator door for a long time. Decides what you want to get before opening the door. (so simple yet not many follows!) 
  7. Share toys; do not throw old toys, give to less fortunate kids. 
  8. Plant fruits, vegetables, trees and flowers.
  9. Play outside!
  10. Recycle and segregate wastes properly!
Well, judging from the tips, Dora made an awesome scrapbook. All kids should be taught about these tips. And if your child has this fascination about Dora, it would be more effective to inculcate to them the value of saving Earth!

The book is also printed on recycled paper. Leading by example, there you go. 

 I would definitely recommend this book to parents and teachers alike. We couldn't educate the children enough about the value of environmental protection.

Here's to hoping that everyone participated in the Earth Hour and more importantly, committing ourselves to saving Earth BEYOND Earth Hour in our own little ways. Hey, the ten tips above could be small but of great impact!

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