Monday, March 21, 2011

Qatar Marine Festival 2011: Traditional Handcrafts

Well, the theme of the Qatar Marine festival is "Dive into the Past, Sail into the Future" so let's.. Dive into the past for now. for the traditional handcrafts..

The Pearl Merchant demonstrated the traditional way of sorting, classifying and determining the value of the pearls.
we want them precious pearls

Gargour Making. Gargour is a local name term for trap used for fishing in muddy and rocky places. Gargour is still widely used in Qatar. Look what we caught!

gargour making!

what a catch it is!!

Fishnet Weaving. How the traditional fishnet weaving  done was demonstrated to the spectators!

we were watching fishnet weaving - classic!

kids inspecting the place

work or I won't hesitate to use this hammer! haha

Keep exploring!

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