Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Qatar Marine Festival 2011: Secrets of the Sea

A must see show during Qatar Marine Festival 2011 - Secrets of the Sea!

A state of the art set design with spectacular high tech visual effects, original live music and talented international artists!

Secrets of the Sea is a theatrical musical show recalling the maritime heritage of Qatari people and touching upon past traditions and aspirations for the future. And to think that this is produced exclusively for Qatar Marine Festival 2011. Awesome!

closing song

this we could relate - oil and gas!

don't know but it has the "its raining men" thing going on here..

one of those WOW moments and there are lots!

more more wow!

Fast fact about the production of the Secrets of the Sea:
  • 15000 hours of rehearsals
  • 20 containers of scenography items 
  • 300 scene costumes
  • 100 orchestral players for soundtracks recording 
  • 99% original music

Cihangir and I can't help but compare it to the opening and closing ceremony presentation of Asian Games 2006. All really awesome presentations!

If you already find the Qatar Marine Festival too crowded for the last days, at least find time to go through the crowd and watch this show - very Disney, I highly recommend it!

better reserve tickets early to get a seat!

It was a little late for the kids but it was worth the crankiness of sleepy Turknoys after! First show starts 7:30PM and then at 9PM.

Keep exploring!

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