Sunday, March 27, 2011

Book Review: Space Mission

Turknoys just had a great kick off the week with Budget Book's Space Mission series. These series are shiny board books invoking lots of imaginative play in outer space for the kids.

The main character, Andy, in Galaxy Getaway, sees a shooting stars and follows it with his rocket. He passed by lots of planets, gets caught in meteor shower and sees constellations.After all that adventure, he was given a hero's welcome at home (Earth!)

In the Moon Walk, Andy again takes off with his rockets, saw meteors and land on the moon. On the moon, he became friends with a robot. They share souvenir. Andy gives robot a little flag from Earth while robot gives him some moon rocks! Well, that's Mr. Universe Andy being so friendly with creatures (or robot!) from moon.
Similar with Moon Walk, Robotmania  is about being friends with robot in outer space, this time in Mars! So cute - "life on Mars is great and robots even played basketball!" It takes great imagination to come up with robots in Mars having barbeque, hanging out and enjoying the planet Mars.

In Up, Up and Away, Andy got himself a new flying saucer during this birthday and invited his friends to join him for a ride. Space joy ride! That's the mos awesome birthday gift ever. Until the hungry astronauts received message from Earth that it's dinner time. They managed to explore the different planets, most especially Jupiter and Saturn.

These books are perfect for 1 year old and above. Kerim can't get enough of this series. He loves the glossy and smooth feel of the board books. Kylie, on the other hand, can read all the words while expressing her amazement at the way Andy and friends explore.

I took one sample photo of the book as I can't seem to find them in Amazon. (shame!) It's relatively cheaper than other books of the same quality. I suppose we were lucky to have found them. Budget books indeed!

Space Mission Budget Books Series

What a great way to introduce astronomy to young kids.

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  4. hmmmm... seems like a really nice read..

  5. my two sons will like this book...interesting story!

  6. Where can I get the set? I can't find it online anywhere.


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