Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Exploring Doha: Qatar Marine Festival

"Yesterday meets today, for the benefit of tomorrow." - Qatar Marine Festival 2011! Mark your calendars, Doha people: 17-26 March 2011 will going be very memorable dates for the festival.

If the coming festival this year will be as half as good as last year, then it will be worth being part of it. But that is not the case, the Organising Committee are working so hard to make this year's festival better than last year. It will definitely be a celebration to remember.

Last year, we visited the festival for one day. We didn't come back for the succeeding days because it was so difficult to find a parking space. It was held beside the then-being-constructed Katara Village. This year, it will be at the KATARA-Eastside Sea Front.Other than the parking concern, the festival will be surely an awesome and educational fun for kids and adults alike.

Some of our memorable photos from last year. We will definitely not miss the Qatar Marine Festival this year. 16 days to go!

Kylie enjoying the drawing and painting of sea creatures
so proud of her painting! it got posted in the wall - yay

okay  - am not touching that!
i'm almost certain that is a monster lobster - brave kid!
mommy and the kids a year ago!
missing mama yet again!
there was pottery
cultural parade and  dances
little Kerim and my mom.. and hoops, the boat 
and the fab sand sculptures

Don't miss this event - Qatar Marine Festival 2011! 

Keep exploring!


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