Monday, February 28, 2011

Exploring Izmit: Kefken Rocks

Kefken rocks! Well, yes it does but I think it's called Kefken Rocks or Rocks of Kefken. Awesome God creation - ahhh the beauty of Turkey!

only nature can paint such a perfect pristine picture

Our first day of 2011 was spent exploring the city of Izmit, specifically Kerpe and Kefken on the Black Sea cost. It was a day spent with the entire Demirkol family. The weather, although a bit cold, is conducive for a good walk, morning tea and lots of family bonding. Uncle Necmi has a summer house in the area - it is 2 hours, more or less, (roughly 150-km) away from Istanbul on the black sea coast. It is quality time away from the city noise of Istanbul. The place is fairly secluded, quiet, relatively unspoiled and best part - perfect, green landscapes along the way.

We had fun exploring the Kefken red cliff/ rocks in the morning. I could only imagine the sunset view. It must be spectacular.  It was great fun exploring the rocks with the family.

pure happiness  - me, my husband's shadow and kefken rocks
almost all of us!
perfect black sea coast

the town and pension houses!
It is proving to be a perfect way to start our year - we have been so inspired since.

Keep exploring!


  1. WOW- what amazing sights. You captured them so well- really beautiful

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  4. Beautiful, Thanks for sharing. My husband was in Turkey a couple of months back for his MBA residency. He really enjoyed himself, well as much as he could given it was for school.

  5. This is so pretty. Thanks for the follow, I am following back.


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