Friday, April 1, 2011

Exploring Doha: QP Environment Fair 2011

Consistent with Turknoys' commitment towards Beyond Earth hour, we attended the QP Environment Fair 2011 today at Qatar Exhibition Centre.

In addition to reading books which aims to increase environmental awareness for kids such as Dora Celebrate Earth Day and  Oxford Reading Tree's Bottles, Cans, Plastic Bags, we intend to participate in Qatar events which also aims for environmental awareness. 

Today, kicked off the QP Environment Fair. It is our first time to attend the fair but the fair is an annual event aimed to increase awareness. It is hosted by Qatar Petroleum and participated by all of its subsidiaries such as Qatalum, QAFCO, Exxon among others.

This year, the fair is focused on kids! And it was so enjoyable for kids indeed. Lots of activities for kids involving the concept of environmental protection. Kylie and Kerim definitely learned a lot about the environment.

But of course, we took photos and here goes some:

time to clean the beach with this gadget!


look what kylie found  - aluminum can - let's recycle!

now on to different species of beetle

closer look at microscope!

OH LA LA Butterflies! And Kylie looked for azure butterfly - there!

time to color with free sweeties..

getting the free snacks!

learning the concept of fertilizer and its pros and cons

recycled paper to flower! - cool!

and off we go to some friendly competition!!

both of the Turknoys participated... both are winners for us of course!

The fair is on for 1st- 3rd April 2011. Come on over to Doha Exhibition Centre! There are more activities that could be explored, we promise you!

Keep exploring!

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