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Turkish Dishes: Manti or Turkish Dumpling

Let's enjoy some Turkish dishes! Healthy, easy-to-prepare and cost is extremely reasonable. (okay, might not be extremely reasonable but it depends on where we look for the ingredients!) Hopefully, we can give tips on the how to select ingredients in the next posts.

Hope you get to try these dishes. They are delectable and makes us feel close to our Turkey home.


Manti is  a Turkish dumpling. It is similar to Italy's Ravioli. Manti requires a bit of preparation to stuff the dough. We used it as an opportunity for playtime with the Turknoys! It was good fun rolling the dough and stuffing it with the kids.

The food and recipe is prepared by Cihangir - the one with cooking talent in the family.

What you will need:

Dough preparation
2 glass of Flour
1 egg
1 table spoon of salt
and warm water

For stuffing
300 gr minced meat
1 big onion
1 table spoon salt
1 table spoon blackpepper

For Soup
2 Table spoon butter
1/2 dessert spoon red pepper paste
1/2 desset spoon tomato paste◦yarım yemek kaşığı domates salçası
1 liter hot water
1 table spoon salt
2 glass of water-cold

Step-by-Step  (hopefully wife will be able to follow)

Dough Preparation
First, mix all the ingredients and slowy add warm water until creating stiffy, thick dough.
The dough needs to rest for a while in a separate container.
Minced meat, black pepper, salt and chopped onion need to be mixed well.
Using your palm ,you can make small balls from the minced meat and leave on spreaded dough which was previously left for resting. The dough sheet should be as think as 2-3 mm with 1,5cm squares cut. Placing meat on the dough, fold the corners to form dumpling.

Sauce preparation and Cooking Manti pieces
In a separate pot, melted butter should be mixed with pepper and tomato paste and let the sauce cook well.

Manti pieces needs to be dumped in a hot water and let the water boil and in the same time with a wood spoon stir the mantis in order to keep manti not to stick each other. After boiling , add extra 2 glasses of water to keep mantis soft and stiff. Later on remove the mantis in a dish and place the sauce and then garliced yogurt with dry mint.

For inquiries, comments and recipe requests, contact us.  We would love to hear from all of you.

'Afiyet Olsun!'


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