Friday, February 25, 2011

Exploring Doha: Fish Market and Fruits and Vegetable Souq

To get fresh ingredients for our Turkish Dishes blog, off we went to the Fish Market along Salwa Road and since the Fruits and Vegetable Souq is nearby, we explored the market as well. "Souq" in Arabic means market or marketplace.
It is  a great sight to see wheelbarrows full of fish, fruits and vegetables towards the buyer's cars. We didn't need wheelbarrows as we explored the souq as a team of Turknoys.

our explorer team - inside the fish market!
love the classic market wheelbarrows!

Although a bit fish-smelly and the place is packed with lots of consumer wanting to get fresh produce, buying fish, fruits and vegetables are here is a way cheaper than in the supermarket. Not to mention,  higher quality as these produce are really fresh.

The Turknoys enjoyed running and jumping around the fruit and vegetable souq, not so much in the fish market. It was very crowded and floor is understandably very wet.Yes, it is not a good idea to bring kids in these places, but hey, we are the explorers. One very good thing is that , the kids are good way to haggle. We always get freebies from the very kind vendors. All of them just adore kids.

healthy food, healthy kids

With the fish, vegetable and fruits we got today, we are looking forward to a week of healthy meals.

Keep exploring!


  1. That looks like a very big fish market. Ang sarap mamili. Does it remind you of the Philippines?

  2. Too cute! I just stopped over from "Boost My Blog Friday" and looking forward to seeing more of your adventure with your family. Have a great one!

  3. Hello, I am from Boost Your Blog. You have a very nice looking family. I like the market you where in. I am following you on GFC.

  4. I just LOOOOOVE markets - these look like the ones I remember from my childhood in Fiji! I recall the freebies too ...

    Have a great weekend!!


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