Sunday, February 6, 2011

Exploring Doha: Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club

Moving closer to our current home, will now be blogging about our beloved Doha - our rightful place right now - thanks be to God! Or Allah for the half of the family. ;) 

Last Thursday, we went to watch the Halul Island Cup Day at the Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club.
We were able to enter through the VIP entrance as the security is not that strict (as it is mostly in the country!) and of course, through sweet talking.

We were seated at the new grandstand. The published seating capacity is 1250 spectators. We were among the 10 spectators that day - we were able to get a very good view of the first race. The camera man can't help but check out the cuteness of the little Turknoys. Guess he's used to covering the race games and is not much fascinated by it.

There is also a first-floor restaurant overlooking the sand-and-turf tracks. We didn't go there, we brought Burger King.

Although we didn't experience posing for photographs with the horse and their equestrians (or the other way round), we were told that we can do that (without kids) as race horses could kick violently, during wee hours of the morning when these horses practice their performance. Not yet willing to wake up 5AM for a horse. Maybe some other time of our lives. Who knows one of the Turknoys would choose horse riding as a career.

One thoroughbred during the race at the Equestrian Club

Mommy (straight from work) and Kerim

Check out the thoroughbred bum! ;)


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