Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wobbling Over Turk's Loving

Despite my rant on love day is every day, the husband baked a cake for me for the Valentine's day. He spent considerable amount of time baking the cake - and I appreciate it - cooked baked salmon for him the day after. Looks like food is becoming the centre of our lives nowadays and we are loving it.

Valentine's Day Cake

drooling over the cake! ;)

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  1. hello turknoys! i hope sometime in the future you will also be discussing how accessible is turkey to expat pinoys, particularly those in the middle east. its as easy as getting visa from nearby turkish embassy and taking a low cost airline like jet airways. then pinoys will be in a world so different from tropical philippines!

    when i flew with my friend sancho to turkey in 2009, i met two pinoy lady friends who remiain my Fb friends to date. and yes it was an easy arrangement.

    food, culture is indeed a blend of east-west. so its a kind environment to the adaptable and flexible pinoy, especially the one who has been exposed to middle eastern faves. and thats food, to start with.

    keep writing!!!


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