Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Exploring Istanbul: Bosphorus Strait

I heard Constantinople a lot while studying world history. The Capital of The World according to Alexander the Great. Strategic location to conquer the World. No wonder the Ottoman thrived into an empire. Sultan Ahmet did justice to the location of the Bosphorus Strait with his excellent leadership and warfare skills.

Okay - done with the boring part! Now known as Istanbul, it is the most romantic place I've ever experienced (yet!). The Bosphorus Strait boat ride is simply a must do for all tourists. For me, it was romantic because my wedding preparation required me to travel to and fro the Asia continent (where my no husband's parents live) and European continent where the Grand Bazar is.During our commute on ferryboat, not once did I get bored with the scenery.

(REWIND) Summer 2008 - with our diva friend, jay
Summer or winter, the view is simply breathtaking.

just behind is the kadikoy mosque and European continent

smile (winter 2010)

During our winter trip home, we just had to leave the kids with the grandparents to have a romantic boat ride again.

It is awesomely spectacular. Just imagine the view of the Asian Continent and the European Continent connected by the architecturally magnificent Bosphorus Bridge marked by the view of the Sultans' palaces and other historical monuments since Byzantine empire.

Cihangir: My wife + Istanbul = Perfect ; oohh he just knows how to make a woman's heart melt

The landscape view from the boat

And hoops, not to mention the beautiful modern day houses which describes luxuries in $$ denominations. I dream. I dream.

Hear me say it - I dream of a house along Bosphorus Strait. Nothing fancy; might be needing a fancy boat to cruise along the strait though.

Dream house - next!
If that would cost too much damage on the children's health for not being able to afford food, those villas up the mountains overlooking the Bosphorus would do.

The view from the villas must be so serene.

You just have to visit Istanbul and experience the boat ride. Pictures do not give justice to the beautiful place.


  1. It does look spectacular. My friend goes to Turkey regularly and loves it.

    CJ xx

  2. thanks CJ. here's hoping that you and your friend may get to enjoy Turkey regularly. ;)

  3. great blog.

    i love the pictures


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