Saturday, February 12, 2011

Doha Breakfast: Dean & Deluca

Currently, Doha weather is awesome and is really conducive to family activities outdoor. Today, we had our share of running and kicking ball in Aspire Park today. At 9AM,  people in the park were already so actively enjoying themselves out.

After an amazing park fun with Turknoys, we had to explore a bit of new food taste.  It was brunch time and we were so close to the Villagio mall, hence the gourmet breakfast preference.

Dean & Deluca entrance from the park
It was our first time to eat breakfast at Dean and Deluca. The ambiance at the restaurant is quite elegant. The posh boutiques surrounding the restaurant set the mood as well. Top of it, there was a Porsche car displayed just in front of the resto.

Okay, Turknoy reads what to order - seriously! ;)
There is a wide variety of food to choose from. I opted for a healthy breakfast and my first take of caramel macchiato which turned out to be too sweet for my taste buds so had to trade with Cihan's Americano coffee. After tasting my healthy breakfast with Kerim, I eventually traded by meal with Cihan's sandwich as well. I love that we share lives together - I don't have to suffer for my wrong choices in life, and yeah, in meal selection, too.

caramel macchiato, me and my uncombed hair

enjoying her muesli

super yummy breakfast clubhouse with chips to die for
The kids loved the meal with us and gained enough energy to run around. I am pretty sure we disturb a lot of people wanting a long, quiet breakfast on a Saturday morning. There was, however, a family eating as well just beside our table.

The value for money and customer service is leaning towards the high rating for me. Let's see if their rating deteriorates as they became an "old" institution in Doha. Dean & Deluca opened in Doha late last year.

Although unlikely, I would want to try having breakfast here without the kids. Me and Cihan used to enjoy looong breakfasts in Doha talking about the future. I suppose we are living the future already and it's more than alright. Good thing, Dean & Deluca has very pretty high chairs, normal chairs and most importantly the bars to contain the kids.

What did you have for breakfast today?

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