Monday, February 21, 2011

Dining Out in Doha: Jollibee

Pinoy kami! Pinoy tayo - ipakita sa mundo! ;) We love eating Jollibee's chicken and rice. The Turk is amazed at how we can order rice when dining out. Duh, we even order extra rice if it's two-piece chicken. His logic makes a lot of sense - we eat a lot of rice at home so better try something new when dining out. But for a true blooded Pinoy, not eating rice with any meal is close to impossible. Well, for us at least.

So, the kids are used to -- you've guessed it - Chicken and Rice!

chicken, rice and fries!
chicken and rice with pineaplle juice
two piece chicken joy!
Last quarter 2010, we used to frequently visit Jollibee every Thursday, after Kylie's ballet. The long lines are bearable since Jollibee is relatively new in Qatar and we were craving for a familiar taste back home. When we visited yesterday, during Ayish's advanced birthday celebration, there was no line at all and there were not so many customers. Probably because the the quality of food and service was not consistent. The taste of the chicken is not good at all. The menu is not even complete  - no sundae or sundae cone!

I sincerely hope that they can still maintain the quality of Jollibee here in Doha. The restaurant location is very convenient not to mention we can get our groceries at Al Meera which is located in the same building as Jollibee. The building also has a soft play area, relatively small and expensive compared to the Villagio play area.
the soft play area at Al Meera - 15QR unlimited play
with fun rides we could also play for free!
My Mommy and Me for this week - all of us with different fun rides :)

But overall, yesterday was definitely awesome  - Jollibee food, play time with the kids mixed with accomplishing errands of buying some long wanted items at home.

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  3. couz walang blog about your fringe (bangs!) ???

  4. Precious moment and beautiful captures.

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  6. Free rides? Awesome!

    And, I don't think I've ever had fast food rice before.


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