Saturday, February 5, 2011

Exploring Istanbul: Princess' Islands

Although there are lots of things to explore in Istanbul, the city sometimes get to crowded and boring for the kids, so off we head to the Princess Islands. Exploring Princess' Islands is a lot of fun for variety of reasons. 

The walk to the ferry enabled us to explore the unique slopes of Istanbul as we had to find parking far from the ferryboats as it would cost so much to pay for parking close to it.

Kylie and Aunt Betul close to the ferry boat stop.

feeding the sea gulls while waiting for the ferry boat departure

"The Princes’ Islands are a chain of nine islands in the Sea of Marmara, four of which can easily be reached from the city centre. The origins of the Islands' name has an interesting history. During the Byzantine and Ottoman eras, princes and other royalty who were seen as challengers to the throne were exiled there."

Read more: Princess Islands

One of the center of the little Princess Islands.
The Princess Islands is a popular summer destinations but we were crazy enough to explore during this winter. It was freezing cold! I don't think all of us were able to enjoy the walk.

Me and the Turk husband was able to enjoy Buyukada, the largest island three summers ago. We made a tour around the island through a horse and cart. I think it was pretty romantic. Although I've seen more spectacular view from the Philippine Islands, the view from the top of the Buyukada island is so fascinating because of the Istanbul city view.

Hopefully, we get to explore these islands with the kids next summer.


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