Thursday, February 17, 2011

Exploring Doha: The Corniche

Ahh The Corniche! Fancy a walk, a run, an "exploring" with the family, picnic or simply a cure to homesick? Popular place for these activities is.... The Corniche!

Corniche is 7km (4.5 miles) so its a good exercise routine to walk or run from end to end - just a bit challenging especially during the summer months. We used to start walking from the middle  and then walk to the south end, where Sheraton Hotel is, and then buy samosa from the cafe located. Just imagine our frustration one summer period ago, when this cafe failed the periodic municipality health inspections and was closed. Arrgghh.But not too worry - it's open again to serve you. YUM!

The last time we went to the Corniche the two kids were so mobile. Kylie was enjoying her bike and Kerim was so fascinated with his ball to actually take a walk seriously.

Kerim and his favorite ball
Look at her go with the big girl bike!

See that boat? That is a fishing boat.  The common name given to wooden boats in this part of the world, is called dhow, from the Swahili boat for boat, DAU, but there are actually various kinds of dhow with variations in both appearance and name. We have experienced riding the dhow to enjoy Corniche at a different view, we had to pay the dhow operator, 20 QR per person. It's worth a try but it's a bit expensive for a usual practice.  

And off we go home for now - yeah, that's about the extent of our Corniche fun nowadays. But we will definitely come back for walking and exploring. 

See you soon!
 Walk with us next time?

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