Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Exploring Istanbul: Topkapi Palace

It was a rainy and cold day exploring Istanbul. But it was a cool (more like so cold!) change from summer stroll along Eminonu.

It is my first time to visit Topkapi Palace; definitely Kylie's too and for Cihangir too after a long time. He first visited the museum in his high school years.

Topkapi Palace is my favorite museum so far in Turkey - I just saw the hand and skull of John the Baptist - originally from Egypt which the Ottoman Empire stole from them. Unfortunately, I can't take a picture. My husband was not as amaze as me, him being Muslim and all. But he showed the amazement at Prophet's beard. I don't get it but hey, respect for the difference in religion is never an issue.

Kylie is plain indifferent after the first hour. She even managed to take a nap while being carried as we stroll the museum. Shame because most of the Ottoman jewels and relics have emerald - her birthstone. Biggest stones I've seen so far - 'em Ottomans, they sure love their stones. Emeralds and rubies in crowns, in thrones, in swords. Everywhere, really.

We didn't manage to go to the Harem - where Sultan's wives stayed and mingled with each other because we had to pay another 20lira which is more than we are willing to pay for a day in museum. We paid already 20Lira each for the main entrance fee.

We did, however, managed to take a picture of the bench near the Harem's exit.

Sign says no smoking
We took the front entrance to the Palace which is long trek going up this slope!
Right at the entrance of the palace
The view from the Palace Cafe - we didn't drink anything - way too expensive!
Picture taken by dear princess Kylie!

Quick Trivia:
"Topkapi" is a Turkish word which means "Gate of Cannons" because of huge cannons displayed outside of its gates, those which were used during the Conquest of Constantinople.

I will be back for more information and now that I am "blogging" - will be on a look out for more tips instead of looking at the emeralds and trying not to drool over them.


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  5. How beautiful and yet cold looking at the same time.

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