Sunday, February 6, 2011

Doha Explorers Book Club: Turknoy Family Edition

Book Club under THIS Tree!

Last Saturday, we went back to our original tree for Story Under the Tree in Aspire Park. We regained access of the tree after Asian Cup Fan Zone moved out of the park after controversial yet successful Asian Cup 2011. Ohh the impact of sports on the environment. They better work hard to regain the green park to its original healthy grasses and trees.

We started by reading books to the kids or reading to Kylie and attempting to read to Kerim. The first book is a science book, though it doesn't look that boring.

This book covers general science (gravity), to biology (photosynthesis, chemistry (glucose composition), astronomy (solar system) up to advanced physics (nuclear fusion) - the dad learned a lot and Kylie didn't lose interest while reading the book.

Book reading

After the science book, Kylie then took her turn of reading the book. We are covering Dr. Suess books for this school year as part of the book club initiative. She read, Green Eggs and Ham. This book is 50 years old and yet the rhymes, the appropriateness for early readings and the lessons are one-of-a-kind. We'll try to cover all Dr. Seuss books. Kylie already reads Oh the Places You'll Go, Dr. Seuss' last book.

Of course Kerim read his part too.

It's never too early to start the love for books. He even go got curious reading a book about the Three Great Catholic Prayers. Much to his father's horror and disdain!That's exaggeration on my part, folks. ;)

After all the reading, we get to enjoy the fabulous weather by playing in the park until noon. A nice way to spend the family day outdoors. 

We hope that the original book club members will be available for the next sessions.

For more information about the books or how to make your child interested in books, contact us.
It is always a pleasure connecting to people of similar interest.

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