Sunday, February 20, 2011

Exploring Madinat Al Shamal: The Sports Club

After we went to Al Shamal Park, off we explore some more. And we found a castle and went for it - although it was not a castle nor palace but a sports club - more fun! And we had such a blast running around, climbing and looking around.

the track and field from the outside

young kerim left behind...


Turknoys happy to be here!

up and up!

and up ( i honestly got scared - it was so steep) so Kylie had to comfort me :0

The Al-Shamal Sports Club is very much underutilized by the looks of it. It is brand new - workers are obviously doing the final touches but don't think it was never used before. We were allowed to hang out and had so much fun outside and inside the sports club.

Keep exploring!

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