Sunday, February 27, 2011

Turknoy's 101st Blog Post!

Don’t you just love that number? I have thought about blogging for several years but I was so preoccupied with lots of silly things such as attending to the family’s needs, teaching the kids and working– ha!

But excuses no more! Blogging relaxes me so I am blogging away Plus the idea of earning from blogs makes me optimistic (common people, click ads away!). Of course, it’s not going to replace the monthly salary I am so blessed with my current occupation – but I am blogging for free, as a stress reliever and as a training for my writing skills (which doesn’t amount to much!)

For less than two months, I managed to start joining the husband in the kitchen, started the homeschooling program for the kids ,got motivated to get social in Doha community and made me appreciate my work and my life!. Big YAY for blogging! I believe now that we only have something to blog, if we live and love, right? Unless, of course, we rant about everything in our blogs – that could make lots of blog entries!

In that short period, my blog stats have increased gradually which I owe to all my followers. My web ranking is continually upgraded. My followers increasing. My next goal is to have deeper connection to people around the blog world and to make meaningful online relationship. And that I think should be my ultimate goal: blogging results not number of followers; Number of people lives touched, not number of views.

The intangible benefits of blogging are tremendous. It could be life changing if we allow it to be. I am just very happy not I am not “too busy” with lots of things. It’s how life should be. We juggle priorities, yes, but it doesn’t mean that we let the smaller balls in our lives float in the air (assuming what we juggles are balls - metaphorically!) We have to make time to something we love to do; even though we think, it won’t fit.

So I make time to blog. And by I, I meant the entire Turknoy family.

We blog about our adventures. We blog about the reasons behind it. We blog because we want to continually improve our lives.

Love. Cook. Eat Healthy. Blog about it! 

PS: Taking this opportunity for a roundup of our current pages. These pages will change entirely based on our family’ life’s progress.

Our Family Adventures - Exploring, dining out, learning and many more
Leng Writes  - Mommy's point of views on everything; raving about life, ranting very little
Cihangir Cooks  - husbands cook Turkish dishes but recently wife joined him to innovate certain meals - Turknoy dishes!
About Us - Who are the Turknoys
Contact Us - and we will reply!
Link Exchange - selection of blogs and articles we really really love

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  1. Congrats on your 101st post! Come and join us for the Menu Monday Mingle over at The Kid Can Cook!

  2. Good Morning,
    Here from the blog hop and taking some time this morning to make a few blogging buddies! Following now and hope you can follow back!

  3. Congrats on the 101st post! I look forward to reading more from you! New follower, would love for you to come by and see me, thanks!


  4. Hi new follower from Say Hi Sunday!
    Love making new blogging friends.
    Amy's Life @


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